Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Famously Perfect Booty At 49, Hits Sexy Pose Atop Piano On Instagram

Pop sensation and fashion mogul Jennifer Lopez has been a sex symbol for decades, driving her admirers wild with provocative and sensual music videos as well as with sultry Instagram photos. Now, in her most recent share, Lopez once again returns to form.

Striking a dramatic pose as she reclines atop a pure white piano, the "Jenny from the Block" singer can be seen clad in a gorgeous white dress -- one which leaves very little to the imagination. The extremely skimpy number barely covers her feminine assets, leaving large swathes of toned, tanned skin up to the camera. Her world-famous booty is showcased in the still photo, the curvature of her iconic backside and hips emphasized by the pose and by the dramatic lighting of the shot. Despite being nearly 50-years-old, the pop sensation appears ageless.

Jennifer Lopez channels her fierce personality, her expression one of confidence. Her lips are parted in a breathy expression, and her signature chestnut tresses are tied back in a high ponytail -- the scrunchie also white to match. A glittering choker winds its way about her delicate neck, and a plunging neckline teases just a hint of cleavage. Long silver earrings dangle from each ear. Her makeup game is on point, light foundation and concealer smoothing out an already flawless complexion. A pair of chunky heels is strapped to each foot.

Making a Game of Thrones pun in the caption as she gave a shout out to a recent Pretty Little Thing collection -- one ostensibly inspired by her new "Medicine" music video -- Jennifer Lopez showed that she was very much in tune with current events. Beyond this brief caption, the pop singer didn't say much, obviously preferring to let her incredible body and sensual pose do the talking.

Her fans were driven wild by the jaw-dropping share, showering over 300,000 likes and 2,000-plus comments on it in record time.

"WOW!!! THE MOST BEAUTIFUL IN THE WORLD!" one fan enthused on Instagram, capping off their comment with a heart-eyed emoji, a flame emoji, and others.

"You look gorgeous in white," a second social media admirer quipped, adding a tiny heart emoji to punctuate their opinion.

"The baddest mf in the game," a third user wrote, taking a more aggressive tack.

Jennifer Lopez made headlines most recently for the news of her engagement to baseball star Alex Rodriguez, as The Inquisitr reported. While she may be officially off the market, her most serious devotees don't seem to mind and are always waiting to see what the singer might share with them next.