‘General Hospital’ Fans React To Chase And Willow’s Romantic Encounter, Chillow Supporters Rejoice

Craig SjodinABC

The romance between Willow Tait and Harrison Chase on General Hospital has been slow to ramp up, but this past week Chillow fans finally got to see the pair take a big step forward in their relationship. After months of flirting and dancing around the idea of getting serious with one another, Chase and Willow finally made love — and their fans are loving it.

Fans remain rather torn between wanting to see Willow with Chase versus with Michael. Unfortunately, the writers are nudging Michael and Sasha together, a coupling that is certain to be rife with trouble since she isn’t who she says she is. While some General Hospital fans would still like to see Willow end up with Michael, and that could still happen as the baby swap story line evolves, for now, Chillow is heating up.

After Chase and Willow made love, General Hospital fans went wild on Twitter. Some admitted they were caught off-guard by these latest scenes, but see a new supercouple in the making. Others tweeted about how Chillow is the best new couple.

Viewers loved how romantic and sweet this big moment was between Willow and Chase. Quite a few GH fans deemed it hot and voiced concern on Twitter that the writers seem unlikely to let them last and find happiness, since happy couples typically seem to be doomed on General Hospital.

It looks like even quite a few viewers who were resistant to the Chillow pairing before are being won over with the scenes that Katelyn MacMullen and Josh Swickard gave everybody this week. General Hospital fans are loving that Willow and Chase were sizzling-hot between the sheets, but that tenderness was incorporated too.

Granted, not everybody is on the Chillow train. One person on Twitter noted that the duo seem stiff and like they’re forcing it together. Other General Hospital viewers wonder why Willow and Chase were given the chance to make love fairly quickly, while couples like Jason and Sam took forever to get back together and, even now, have to sneak around and pretend they are apart.

Things were a little awkward the next day when Michael showed up and unwittingly interrupted Chase and Willow’s morning-after glow.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps tease that during the week ahead, Michael will seemingly put some pieces of the puzzle together, and Willow will try to help Kristina see the truth about Shiloh and Dawn of Day.

There are still plenty of secrets swirling in this story line that will cause trouble over the next few weeks. General Hospital spoilers detail that Chase will continue to be very protective of Willow as they try to deal with Shiloh.

Will this coupling survive all of the chaos? It looks like the Chillow contingent of General Hospital viewers is growing rapidly thanks to these latest romantic scenes and fans are anxious to see more of MacMullen and Swickard together.