‘SNL’ Parodies ‘The View’ To Slam Jenny McCarthy’s Anti-Vaxxer Stance In Hilarious Spoof

Amy SussmanGetty Images

Saturday Night Live parodied The View on its latest episode (which can be viewed on YouTube), and the show turned its acerbic eye to infamous anti-vaxxer and former co-host Jenny McCarthy.

Played by Emma Stone, the spoof McCarthy is introduced as the “vixen of anti-vax,” as she walks onto an already-tense set to join Joy Behar (Kate McKinnon), Meagan McCain (Aidy Bryant), Whoopi Goldberg (Leslie Jones), Ana Navarro (Melissa Villaseñor), and Abby Huntsman (Cecily Strong).

McCarthy, wearing a snug red dress, hugs McCain warmly and then takes her seat next to Behar.

“It’s good to be back, Whoop. Do you still do that thing where you kick each other under the table?” Stone quipped, in her portrayal of the former Playboy model.

That’s when McCain (Bryant) points out that she has led the anti-vaxxer movement for years, but what she really wants to know is what McCarthy thinks about The Masked Singer. Navarro (Villaseñor) jumps in and says that she wants to talk about vaccinations.

“I don’t believe in vaccinations,” says McCarthy. “My doctor is Google, my science is Twitter, and my religion is Donny Wahlberg,” she says.

“I mean, these vaccinations are so unnecessary, like the polio vaccine. How many people do you with polio,” she adds.

Behar tells McCarthy that we don’t see people with polio these days because of vaccinations, to which McCarthy replies, “That’s your opinion.”

When Navarro says that there is a measles outbreak right now because of people who are choosing not to get vaccinated, McCarthy says that she and hundreds of people who didn’t get vaccinated are going to meet for a march to prove their point.

Goldberg (Jones) responds that she plans to be out of town when the big event takes place.

When McCain says that she supports McCarthy because vaccinations are a “personal liberty issue,” Behar (McKinnon) responds with a dry “Let them go extinct.”

The show also poked plenty of fun at the other ladies, portraying Behar and McCain as two rivals who are constantly going at each other. Goldberg is forced to spray the two with a squirt bottle, a correction usually reserved to break up cat fights.

“This is The View, we are five best friends who have nothing in common,” she says as she tries to get the two to stop fighting.

Huntsman gets comfy as the drama goes down with a box of popcorn, while Navarro tries to capture the battle on the sly with her iPhone.