‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Michael Soon Discovers A Secret

Michael YadaABC

Michael Corinthos was fretting about Kristina all last week on General Hospital. He has every right to be concerned after speaking with Willow Tait. She has been through the Dawn of Day initiation personally and told Michael all that it entails. He may soon discover that Sonny has already taken Kristina out of the house and brought her to a safe place. He is also expected to discover some type of secret this coming week, as well. After all, there are secrets galore in Port Charles these days.

This one will likely have something to do with Willow and possibly baby Wiley. General Hospital fans are anxious for Michael to discover that Wiley is actually his son, Jonah, but that hasn’t happened yet. However, it looks like he will somehow figure something out on his own, as reported by Soap Central.

Willow has been giving out plenty of information so that Michael can have a heads up on what’s happening in the Dawn of Day house. What Kristina will experience at her initiation, Michael knows that Willow also went through, even having sex with Shiloh. What he doesn’t realize is that she also had Shiloh’s baby.

While many viewers may think that the General Hospital spoiler suggests that Michael finds out that his son is alive and being raised by Brad and Lucas, that is likely not the case just yet. This story line is slowly leaking some details about the original Wiley’s birth parents. It was just recently revealed that the baby who died was born to Willow, and she gave him up for adoption so that Shiloh wouldn’t get his hands on him.

With Michael learning all about Willow’s time with Shiloh, it is expected that he will also figure out that she eventually had his baby, as well. It’s not clear whether he will know that Wiley is that baby, but Michael is discovering new things about this situation.

General Hospital spoilers also detail that Michael will be compassionate and understanding, but it doesn’t say with who. He is expected to spend some more time with Sasha next week, but his compassion may just be for Willow if he does learn about her having Shiloh’s child and giving him up for adoption.

It will be a emotional and dramatic time when Michael finally discovers that Wiley is his son. That also means that Willow will learn that her son died right after Brad brought him home.

May sweeps is coming up soon on General Hospital. Many secrets may be revealed then.