Hillary Clinton, Who Lost To Donald Trump, Gives Advice To Democrats Looking To Defeat Him

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

Greeted with a standing ovation, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made an appearance at the tenth edition of Tina Brown’s Women in the World Summit. Parts of her conversation with the host, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, have been transcribed by The Hollywood Reporter.

Clinton discussed a number of pressing issues, notably touching on the upcoming presidential election. The former secretary of state, who lost to Donald Trump in 2016, gave advice to all the Democrats currently running for president.

According to Hillary Clinton, 2020 Democrats should focus on ignoring and countering Donald Trump at the same time. They should switch between the two, creating a balance, which will ultimately — she claims — help whoever the nominee ends up defeating the sitting president come election time.

“You have to be able to counter and ignore where possible [and] respond where necessary to the diversion and distraction that we see, unfortunately, working by the current incumbent in the White House. So you have to do that balancing act, and I think that we have excellent candidates who are demonstrating their ability to do that.”

Clinton refused to get into the specifics of the race and refrained from endorsing one of the candidates but reflected on her own experience in the last presidential race. Clinton described the 2016 race as an “amazing” experience, expressing pride in the fact that she had “addressed all the little girls” across the United States.

Notably, during her conversation with Zakaria, Clinton came out against the immensely popular “Medicare for All” policy proposal, which is a single-payer healthcare system ensuring equal access to healthcare to all Americans. Seventy percent of Americans support the policy championed by the likes of Bernie Sanders, polls have shown — 85 percent of Democrats, and 52 percent of Republicans, according to CNBC.

But Hillary Clinton suggested that single-payer healthcare is unrealistic, urging Democrats to focus on preserving the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. According to the 2016 presidential contender, the Democrats should “set the goal” of eventually implementing such policies, but focus on preserving Obamacare.

“What are the details? How do we pay for it? Who is going to get what they need?” Clinton asked.

Numerous studies have shown that implementing “Medicare for All” would actually save money, however. As reported by The Nation, even a study financed by the Koch brothers showed that the United States would actually save enormous amounts of money by implementing socialized healthcare.

“Thank you, Koch brothers, for accidentally making the case for Medicare for All!” Senator Bernie Sanders jokingly thanked the Koch brothers following the study’s publication.