Bella Thorne Rocks Super Short Crop Top & Daisy Dukes On Instagram

Amy SussmanGetty Images

Bella Thorne is at Coachella right now and seems to be having a great time so far. Her newest Instagram post shows her rocking an outfit consisting of a super short crop top, shorts that are inside out, and black boots. The black crop top had a purple graphic on the front and was so short that it left some of her chest exposed. She also wore a black leather jacket with fringe on the arms, along with a pair of black sunglasses. She wore her hair down with loose curls at the ends.

In addition to all of the excitement surrounding Coachella, Thorne has been busy promoting her new book. Titled The Life of a Wannabe Mogul, it found instant success and climbed to the top of the best-seller list. She noted in an Instagram update that she “wouldn’t let an editor touch my mistakes.” That’s very atypical for a published book, but then again, Bella’s all about being herself and being authentic.

It’s been an exciting period of time for her, considering she also launched the Thorne by Bella makeup collection several months ago. And now that she also has a new book out, it’ll be interesting to see what else she has in store for the near future.

Speaking of which, one of Bella’s recent Instagram photos that showed her posing with her book got a lot of attention. She wore a bright red dress that matched her book cover, and wore her hair down with a heavy right part. Thorne accessorized with a ton of multilayered necklaces, and sat with her legs crossed. It received over 522,000 likes, with many fans letting her know that they bought her book.

But being a well-known celebrity can have its downsides. She previously spoke with The Los Angeles Times and mentioned how media coverage affects her sometimes.

“The Daily Mail will be like, ‘Bella must have been out partying last night’ because they got a photo of me not wearing makeup with acne. They’re like, ‘She looks really tired out. Maybe the drugs are really wearing on her skin.’ … I get so mad. So are you telling every kid with cystic acne that they must be a heroin addict? I think they think I take serious drugs, and I’m just smoking weed.”

Bella’s struggle with sensitive skin is one that she’s cited as the inspiration behind her makeup line.