‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’ Star Gavin Leatherwood Explains What’s Next For His Character

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

The second part of Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was released earlier this month and fans are still talking about the ultimate sacrifice made by Gavin Leatherwood’s character, Nicholas “Nick” Scratch. Now, during an interview with TV Guide, Leatherwood is dishing on what’s next for his character.

In the finale episode of Part 2, viewers learn that Sabrina, played by Kiernan Shipka, is prophesied to become the Herald of Hell/the queen of the Dark Lord. Sabrina is determined to prevent this prophecy from becoming her destiny and sets out to make sure it never happens, but ends up unknowingly setting the Dark Lord free in the process. The Dark Lord’s only desire is to have Sabrina at his side as he brings about the End of Days. In an attempt to prevent this, Sabrina recruits her family and friends, including her new beau Nick. The group comes up with a plan to trap the Dark Lord in the Acheron configuration but it fails. They soon realize the only structure powerful enough to trap the Devil is the human body and so, Nick decides to sacrifice himself by taking the Dark Lord’s spirit into his own body and is banished to hell.

In the final scene of the finale, Sabrina announces her plan to break her boyfriend (Nick) out of hell but it’s not clear how she’ll do so and how being in hell will affect Nick.

When asked if he was looking forward to adapting for his new role as Dark Lord, Leatherwood said he was excited.

“I feel like Part 2 did a really great job at exploring more layers of who Nick was and it peeled back a lot of who he was on the surface and we really dive further into his emotional depth,” he said.

“And now to have this be a whole other part of who Nick is going to be really challenging, I think, but a really exciting thing to play.”

He was also asked whether or not he thinks Sabrina and the gang will actually be able to find Nick in hell, he said he wasn’t sure.

“I don’t know what’s to come, to be honest. And I really like considering all the possibilities,” he continued.

Leatherwood explained he has even asked the show’s creator, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, about his character’s future but it seems everyone is staying tight-lipped.

Fans of the show won’t have to wait too long though as the third installment is expected to arrive later this year, according to a report from Digital Spy.