Gigi Hadid Flashes Coachella Cleavage In Epic Quadruple Instagram Update

Jason MerrittGetty Images

It’s that time of year again. Coachella 2019 is in full swing — and so is Gigi Hadid.

On April 13, the supermodel updated her Instagram with four snaps, and her 47.1 million followers are getting bohemian vibes, color, beauty, plus a fair amount of cleavage.

With a geotagged location confirming her presence at the annual music festival, Gigi is officially in the Indio Valley. In the first picture though, she could well be on her way. Shot inside of a luxurious-looking vehicle, Gigi is seen perched on cream-colored seating, with one hand sweeping flowing hair and her legs slightly spread. The provocative vibe is only placated by the hippie-come-glam outfit she wears.

Admittedly, the look is interesting. Loose white pants with a free-falling belt match Gigi’s white cropped top, and a sleeveless tie-dyed jacket in pinks, yellows, and blacks adds splashes of color. Clipped to it is a pochette-style Louis Vuitton bag. The monogrammed accessory is better visible in the second picture – Gigi is shot from the waist up, here. This time, she’s looking right at the camera. Bangles and necklaces further enhance the festival feel, although donning shades for the next slide really sees Hadid getting into gear. A fourth picture is reminiscent of the second, as both are flashing cleavage. Regardless of preferences, it’s worth scrolling through all four.

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back! ???????????? day one

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“Gigi i think you left Zayn but you will never get any other best in your life like Zayn,” one fan commented, which goes straight for Gigi’s January, 2019, split from former One Direction star, Zayn Malik. The on-off relationship was confirmed as done and dusted by Elle on January 3.

Despite appearing to be male, one fan zoomed in on Gigi’s choice of Louis Vuitton accessory. The luxury French fashion label might not be one that this model is fronting, but she’s more than a fan.

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watch your step. & your spf.

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The April 13 update comes two weeks after The Inquisitr reported Instagram “losing it” to Gigi’s cleavage as she boldly put her assets on display in a swimsuit. Instagram made its point. The busty picture currently sits at 1.3 million likes.

Coachella seems to be the celebrity world’s chance to zone out of their Beverly Hills looks and let loose. For Gigi, that seems to mean channeling vintage style, putting her belly button on show, and taking some time off the runway. With a hectic schedule that spans four fashion weeks a year, endless magazine covers, and promotional work, one could say the time off is well-merited.

Coachella is frequented by famous faces, such as Leonardo DiCaprio and fellow model, Kendall Jenner. As far as celebrity Coachella updates go, this one is going down as the most legendary of 2019. Well, for the time being, anyway.