‘Star’ Spoilers Revealed In New Trailer

Randy ShropshireGetty Images

Fox has just released the latest episode trailer for its musical series, Star, and there are a handful of spoilers, according to a report from On The Flix.

The series follows the lives of three young women as they try to establish their career in the music industry. The women, Star Davis, played by Jude Demorest; Simone Davis, played by Brittany O’Grady; and Alexandra “Alex” Crane, played by Ryan Destiny, find themselves under the guiding hand of Queen Latifah’s Carlotta Renee Brown, who goes from a singer to a hair salon owner to the head of a record company.

In Season 3 of the show, Star is framed for a crime and sent to prison after the birth of her son with Noah, played by Luke James. While in prison, she gets into an altercation with another inmate and she’s left bruised and bloodied. She’s rushed to the hospital, where doctors inform her family and friends that her injuries are extensive and they have decided to put her in a medically induced coma. While everyone waits for Star to wake up, Noah tries to step in and take care of his son but his drug addiction gets the better of him and he passes out, leaving the child unattended. Upon discovering that Noah was still using drugs, Simone takes the child and refuses to let Noah see him.

Later in the episode, doctors present Simone with the option of surgery for Star and she struggles to decide what to do. Eventually, she decides to allow doctors to operate on Star but as the episode ends, Star wakes up. Based on the show’s trailer, it seems things are back to normal for the trio.

In the trailer for the “Lean On Me” episode, viewers see Star reuniting with her son and coming face-to-face with a high Noah.

“Take a good look,” she tells him. “Because this is the last time that you’re gonna see your son.”

The trailer also shows Carlotta making funeral arrangements for her father, who was killed by her sister after it was revealed that he sexually abused Carlotta as a child. The report also points out that Carlotta and her sister will be forced to interact with several other family members they aren’t looking forward to seeing. However, the reason for the bad blood between the family members has not yet been revealed.

It also indicates that Noah will be turning to his father for help with his addition at some point during the episode. His father has been away for the majority of Season 3 but this could be the perfect time for the characters to repair their strained relationship, according to the report.

Star airs on Wednesdays on Fox.