'Playboy' Model Lindsey Pelas Flaunts Curvaceous Backside In Latest Instagram Update

Kelly Butler

If fans of voluptuous Playboy model Lindsey Pelas were hoping that they'd head over to her social media outlets to find some gorgeous snaps of her decked out for the Coachella festival, they'll be slightly disappointed. As Pelas shared to Instagram on Saturday, she decided to forgo the highly-attended, star-studded event in favor of catching up on work, but she did leave her 8.7 million followers something to drool over.

Pelas rocked a pair of electric-blue yoga pants that hugged every inch of her insanely curvaceous body. Posted up against a wooden fence, the Esquire model showed off her ample backside and popped her booty out slightly so that fans could also catch a glimpse of her toned thighs.

The model paired the sexy look with a skintight sports bra in bright-white that showed off her buxom chest and she arched her back to let her beach-babe waves cascade down her back. Pelas closed her eyes to bask in the sun, all while showing off her stunning makeup -- which included some shimmery pink eyeshadow, heavy sweeps of both bronzer and mascara, and a baby-pink matte gloss that made her plump out stand out.

⁣"I've always been a firm believer that the universe rewards smart decisions and not just direct and obvious hard work. Sacrificing a fun weekend, ending a wrong (but comfortable) relationship and taking brave risks (moving somewhere new, quitting safe job in hopes of better one) are all part of the secret universal reward system," Pelas further shared.

Though Pelas spends the majority of her time focusing on her modeling career, she also hosts a popular podcast called "Eyes Up Here," which is a reference to her buxom chest and the fact that folks have a tendency to stare at it. She sits down with other celebrities, models, and social media starlets such as herself to talk a wide range of topics. The emphasis, of course, is to help fans "see beyond the bikini," as Pelas is not only gorgeous and talented, she's also "brainy" as well.

Fans of Pelas will be sure to keep an eye out for the latest addition to her sprawling Instagram portfolio and tuning in to her eye-opening podcast.