Halle Berry Posts Nude Photo Of Female Boxing Champion Claressa Shields To Instagram

Actress Halle Berry is apparently a fan of combat sports, having recently studied jiu-jitsu under UFC legend Brian Ortega in preparation for her role in Bruised -- per USA Today -- as well as showing some enthusiasm for one particular female boxer on Instagram as of late. Taking to the popular social media platform just moments ago, as of this writing, the Swordfish starlet give up some serious props for champion pugilist Claressa Shields, sharing a nude photo of the decorated champ in the process.

In the image which Halle share, Claressa can be seen striking a seriously intimidating pose in front of what appears to be a desert backdrop. The female fighter is entirely naked in the snapshot, covering her breasts with her boxing gloves in order to partially censor the scene. Her extremely muscular physique is on full display here, toned shoulders and strong arms being showcased by the pose. Claressa's flat and impressively ripped abdomen are also emphasized here, little to no body fat being evident despite the stark lighting.

An extremely dour and brooding expression can be seen on the champion's face as she stares down the camera lens. Her lips are pursed in the slightest of pouts, and her dark brown eyes are deadly serious. She wears her iconic dark locks in a center part, and the no-nonsense hairstyle cascades down her neck.

In the caption attending the imposing picture, Halle Berry gave a ringing endorsement of Claressa Shields, promoting her fight this evening against Christina Hammer. As The Guardian details, Shields will fight Hammer this evening in Atlantic City, in a bout which will see the victor become the second-ever woman to have unified all four major boxing belts at once.

It appears that Halle's fans and followers were also smitten with the iconography of fierce femininity offered up, with many of them taking to the comments section to say as much.

"God, she is impressive," one user quipped, obviously impressed by Claressa's poise and presence.

"Whoa, she can pick me up, turn me upside down, and shake the change out my pocket," a second fan joked.

" I remember watching her documentry [sic] years ago... & she's still improving. Amazing," a third social media follower wrote, preceded by a praying emoji.

No matter the outcome of tonight's fight, the bonds of friendship between Halle Berry and Claressa Shields seem self-evident. In an age of growing interest in women's sports, all eyes will be on Atlantic City tonight to see who will be taking home all of the gold.