Savannah Cat Fight: Two Prides Of Lions Have Massive Fight Caught On Film

A savannah cat fight broke out between two prides of lions in Africa, with a photographer standing just feet away from the scuffle to capture it all on film.

The photographer caught the spontaneous brawl inside Serengeti National Park in Tanzania this week, Yahoo! News noted. The savannah cat fight took place just as the sun came up, as the dominant male lion from one group made its way to the other pride to start the brawl.

The series of photographs show the dramatic scene that came next. Two lions begin to tussle, followed by several more that join the fight with teeth bared and claws out.

In one of the shots, a group of female lions gang up on a male, which the photographer noted was threatening the cubs. It’s difficult to determine the severity of the fight, as there are no visible signs of blood or serious injury.

The savannah showdown is not the only dramatic animal fight to be captured in Africa. Last July a photographer captured images of an inter-species fight when a lioness sprang into action to protect her cubs from a crocodile.

The photographer was watching the lioness and her pride prepare to cross a riverbed in Botswana, The Huffington Post reported. A crocodile suddenly burst out from the water, with the lioness diving toward it to attack and keep it from her cubs.

The photographer caught a series of images capturing the clash, which he said played out all within a matter of seconds.

The savannah cat fight can be seen here in a series of 12 photographs.