Camille Kostek Shows Off Sexy Coachella Outfit Inspired By The Spice Girls

Jerritt ClarkGetty Images

Camille Kostek arrived at Coachella in a helicopter and has since posted a couple of updates to her social media accounts. Her newest Instagram photo shows the model rocking a sexy outfit for the music festival. She wore a halter-neck crop top that hugged her chest. It had a circular cutout in the middle, which left parts of her chest exposed. She paired the top with a pair of black pants and wore her hair half-up and half-down. Kostek paid tribute to different Spice Girls for inspiring her outfit.

Previously, Camille shared an Instagram update that showed her standing in her hotel room, holding a light blue ukulele. She wore the same outfit as the one she was photographed in when she arrived by helicopter. It consisted of a crop top T-shirt, daisy dukes shorts, and knee-high snakeskin boots. This time, however, she added a short-brimmed hat and wrapped a sweater around her waist. She took the selfie in a mirror as she smiled widely.

The ukulele obviously got Kostek excited, as she joked in the comments and also in her Instagram Stories about it. She said that she might be late to a party because she wanted to learn how to play the instrument — or at least a couple of chords.

The model used the hashtag #nevernotdancing several times in her Stories. This included video selfies of herself dancing with her friend in a car on the way to a party.

She previously opened up to Reebok about the thought process behind the #nevernotdancing hashtag.

“Never not dancing came about because I am quite literally never not dancing. Whether there’s music, there’s not music, it’s an appropriate time to dance or not, I’m dancing. I like to bring energy into rooms and make dance an icebreaker.”

“Dance was something that came to me before I could even walk or talk. Passions aren’t something you have to think about, they’re something you know and feel,” the former New England Patriots cheerleader explained.

“As I grew older and the dance became more competitive and more disciplined, that’s when I started to realize that I’m an athlete.”

With that being said, Kostek moved on from cheerleading to breaking into the modeling industry. But that doesn’t mean that she’s completely abandoned dancing. Quite the opposite, in fact, as Camille is constantly showing off her dance moves and encouraging others to use the hashtag.