Kim Kardashian Denies There's Any Bad Blood Between Her And Naomi Campbell, Calls Her 'The Ultimate Glam Muse'

Kim Kardashian is clearing up rumors that she and runway legend Naomi Campbell are feuding with each other.

Rumors began to swirl earlier this year that Kardashian, 38, and Campbell, 48, were feuding after Kardashian was seen on multiple occasions emulating fashion looks that Campbell made famous in the 1990s. The Inquisitr previously shared that Kardashian recently donned a Versace dress when she and her husband Kanye West attended Chance the Rapper's wedding in early March. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star decided to discuss the issue with People magazine for its latest issue. During her interview, Kardashian debunked any theories that Campbell was upset with her for paying homage to her through fashion.

"It's funny because people were writing about it like it was some scandalous thing," Kardashian West said. "I've always been so open that she is the ultimate fashion and glam muse. She got the best runway looks."

The KKW Beauty creator also said she has plucked looks from Campbell to wear for herself because she was "super inspired" by the 1990s runway era that made Campbell a star in the fashion industry. In addition to the Versace look, Kardashian wore another look from the designer's 1998 collection back in December 2018, when she attended the premiere of The Cher Show on Broadway. Kardashian also recreated one of Campbell's runway looks when she visited Paris in March. The Dancing with the Stars alum wore an Azzedine Alaia leopard-print jumpsuit, per W magazine. The reality star's looks didn't go unnoticed on social media -- one Twitter user decided to make a thread of side-by-side photos of Kardashian and Campbell and argued that Kardashian was developing a "pattern" of copying the model's looks.

Kardashian maintains that the two women have developed a personal relationship, and aren't focused on social media rumors.

"Her [Campbell] and I have talked about it and laughed that it has become such a big deal because I've always been so upfront with her privately about how she is my forever fashion and glam muse," Kardashian told People. "She is literally one of the most beautiful, iconic people that inspires me fashion- and beauty-wise."

Campbell has also never bashed Kardashian for replicating her iconic looks publicly. According to W, the two women have been seen together on various occasions grabbing lunch and attending social events. Campbell also reportedly still follows the Kim and Kourtney Take Miami alum on Instagram.