Taylor Swift Teases New Music With April 26 Countdown & Fans Are Freaking Out

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Nobody panic, but Taylor Swift is teasing fans again. The singer unveiled a mysterious countdown on her website which will reportedly end on Friday, April 26, at midnight. Of course, Swift is notorious for providing only small hints and watching her fans run wild with theories, so there is no telling exactly what is to come. However, many fans speculate that she may be releasing a new single or a new album, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Swift’s website is now covered in pink and blue pastel swirling clouds boasting “Taylor Swift” in large purple text. Below, the countdown teases 12 days until the surprise. Fans have the option to provide their emails and receive updates.

Over on the 29-year-old “Reputation” singer’s Instagram account, the bio simply reads, “4.26” with a link to the website. Many fans have taken note of the fact that her new pastel-colored, dreamy theme on her recent photos matches the countdown, and it is very different from the black, edgy theme of her previous album, Reputation.

Swift has turned off comments on all of her recent Instagram posts, but that didn’t stop fans from sharing their excitement and theories on Twitter.

“I literally can’t breathe,” one user wrote with a screenshot of the colorful countdown.

“Omg we’re really gonna get a flawless taylor swift summer album with a pretty pastel aesthetic,” another said.

Several fans noticed that the singer’s teased date aligns with the release of Marvel’s latest Avengers film, Avengers: Endgame, which has resulted in plenty of Thanos jokes.

“Can you really believe Taylor Swift is going to save the universe from Thanos??” someone wrote with photos of Swift and the film poster.

“April 26. Avengers are coming to save the UNIVERSE. Taylor Swift is coming to save the MUSIC INDUSTRY,” another said.

One fan theorized that Swift chose April 26 because “twenty-six” matches her own initials.

Swift was spotted in a recording studio back in February, so it may be entirely possible that she is releasing her highly-anticipated seventh album, which fans have dubbed TS7.

Back in March, Swift sent her fans into a frenzy when she began posting mysterious photos in the new theme on Instagram, Uproxx reported. They began counting the number of palm trees in a skyline photo, the number of steps on a staircase, and the number of holes in a fence, believing it was all some sort of cryptic countdown.

The photos turned out to be nothing significant, but Swift definitely noticed her fans’ crazy theories. The singer thanked fans for their attentiveness in her acceptance speech at the iHeart Radio Music Awards.

“I love your passion. I love your attention to detail. I love how much you care,” she said. “When there’s new music, you’ll be the first to know.”