Jessie J Goes Fully Topless On Instagram In Just A Thong

Anthony HarveyGetty Images

Celebrities seem to be digging nudity these days. Kourtney Kardashian recently bared all for her Poosh promotion, and while Jessie J may not be launching a lifestyle brand, she’s certainly causing a major stir.

On April 13, 2019, the British singer and girlfriend of Channing Tatum took to Instagram to post a rather revealing pic. Jessie’s 7.8 million followers have been enjoying a sneak peek into Jessie’s recent trip to the Swiss ski resort of Zermatt. Her latest snapshot is less about the snowy mountainscapes, though, as Jessie is posed nude wearing nothing but a black thong.

Appearing to sit on cream-colored couches in what The Sun reports to be her hotel room, Jessie seems caught off-guard in her most recent pic. Jessie was shot from the back, with an unidentified food item is in her mouth. In what is likely good timing, Jessie appears to have turned around the moment the camera snapped a photo.

“But who took this pic tho,” one fan asked of the photographer’s identity.

Given that Jessie is alone — and her super-famous boyfriend is nowhere to be seen — the question does raise a good point. The Who You Are singer does provide some information, though. Her caption refers to feeling “shrunk down” after having woken up. Jessie continues to compare her sensation to that of a Polly Pocket toy. In fact, the stream of consciousness seen in the caption manages to span yoga, veganism, barbecues, and elephants.

Admittedly, there’s a poetic side to this slightly nonsensical caption.

The April 13 update isn’t the first risqué post from this star. On March 28, Jessie went fully nude in a black-and-white photo, The Inquisitr reports.

Aside from her career as an artist, Jessie mostly makes headlines for her high-profile relationship with Magic Mike actor, Channing Tatum. In 2018, Tatum ended his nine-year marriage to Jenna Dewan. His new girlfriend has a marked resemblance to the ex, though. It’s substantial enough for Hollywood Life to have crafted an entire article documenting it. As the media outlet reports, Tatum and Dewan are on “good terms” following their divorce. Together, they share a daughter named Everly.

While a major name in U.K. music, Jessie has taken longer to break into the U.S. Having already joined Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj on stage though, she rubs shoulders with the major stars. As the aforementioned report from The Sun explained, Jessie is in Switzerland as part of her music tour.

The April 13 update was followed by a picturesque shot of the Zermatt mountain setting that is, for the moment, where the singer is staying. With approximately 37,000 likes though, the scenery is proving less popular than the nudity. Jessie’s hotel room picture managed to rack up over 137,000 likes within eight hours of being posted.