Jill Duggar Fires Back After Instagram Post About Killing Bees Causes Controversy

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Bees are out and about now that spring is here, and Jill Duggar has already had a run in with a couple of the stinging insects. She revealed on social media that she did what she felt she had to do, by which she meant that she smacked the little critters with a fly swatter. Now, she is having to defend herself from a few critics and detractors.

Sharing her story via Instagram, Jill took the time to post a couple of photos, telling her fans how much she hates flying insects, especially those of the bee and wasp variety. The first picture was that of the dead bugs. She explained how they got into her house and she spent some time chasing them around and finally taking care of them. The mom of two also said that her older son, Israel, was helping to protect his little brother, Samuel, while she was frantic trying to get the critters.

The Duggar daughter expressed how much she wished that husband Derick Dillard was home, as he could have taken care of the situation quickly. She then detailed just how much she hates all insects, especially those who could harm you. Her second photo had her staring at the camera with the fly swatter in her hand.

While many Duggar fans praised the former reality star for protecting herself and her boys, there were just as many who slammed her for killing the insects. One person thought that she should have caught the wasps and bee in a cup and let it go outside. Another person suggested that she just open the window to let them fly out on their own. Others reminded her that they are God’s creatures, too.

Jill Duggar couldn’t believe that she would get so much flak for killing bees when they were invading her home. She clapped back with her shocked response.

“Y’all, seriously?! If it’s in my home it’s trespassing! I do try to take most critters outside, but some I just don’t.”

She went on to describe a time when she got stung and couldn’t walk for three days. She was on crutches from the incident. Many people recounted their own experiences with getting stung by a bee or wasp. Some fans said that they were highly allergic to them, and wouldn’t hesitate to kill them in an instant to protect themselves or their loved ones.

“I’m not anti-bee, just don’t like them close to me!” Duggar explained.

The Dillards certainly don’t shy away from controversy, even when they don’t mean to. It appears that no matter what Jill Duggar shares on social media, it will always incite some level of negativity.