Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: The DOD Cup Conveniently Falls Right Into Shiloh’s Lap

Michael YadaABC Press

Shiloh is not having a good week on ABC’s General Hospital. What he thought was going to be one of his typical initiation ceremonies to finalize Kristina’s allegiance to Dawn of Day turned out to be a mess. Not only is his newest recruit missing, but so is the cup she drank from to knock her out. Jason rescued Kristina this week. She is safe and sound, but totally angry. Now Shiloh is desperate to find her.

Sam has been pulling Shiloh’s strings quite cleverly, and according to Soap Central, she will be doing the same next week. She is trying to keep him occupied so he is distracted from trying to locate her sister, while also trying to keep herself from being caught. Shiloh is entranced by Sam and she wants it to stay that way. Meanwhile, Jason also has the DOD cup that was full of some sort of drug that Harmony gave to Kristina to “relax” her. Jason wants to find out what was in it so he will have something on Shiloh to nab him with.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Jason will be at GH with the cup in-hand to get it tested. According to the print version of Soap Opera Digest, he will enlist the help of Elizabeth, who will be taking it to Brad to be tested in the lab. Unfortunately, Shiloh will be in the building mulling around hoping to find Kristina. He unexpectedly runs into Brad, who has recently been chatting with Shiloh about Dawn of Day.

Shiloh will be thrilled when he sees that Brad is carrying the DOD cup. He will begin his manipulation on Brad to get what he wants. He will seize the opportunity to make sure nothing is found on the cup that would link to any kind of criminal activity, or to make it disappear.

By Tuesday, spoilers say that Jason will learn of Brad’s ties to Dawn of Day. Maybe Brad has already gotten himself in deeper by giving Shiloh him his secret. That would certainly explain why he would help Shiloh rig the test results. If he gave him the baby switch secret, then that would be explainable. However, viewers haven’t seen Brad anywhere near the Dawn of Day house recently.

Jason and Sam are desperate to find some type of criminal evidence to nab Shiloh with quickly before he finds out what happened to Kristina. He will likely suspect that Jason has something to do with it, and possibly Sam as well.

How long will it be before Shiloh is exposed and he can recruit someone else? Keep watching General Hospital in the coming weeks to see if the Dawn of Day leader takes a fall from grace.