‘Ban This Song’ Political Parody Video Goes Viral

“Ban This Song” parody video goes viral. The Ballard Brothers YouTube video pokes fun at all the uncertain logic behind governmental regulation. The video pays particular attention to the idea of a gun ban. Pretty much nothing created by the government in the name of societal protection goes untouched in the parody video.

The political parody is the first single release by The Ballard Brothers. The men met while participating in video contest in New York City four years ago. The comedic men met at the Glenn Beck Arguing With Idiots Video Contest finalist event. The guys hit it off and created an “alter ego” parody band, The Blaze notes.

After several years of video conferences and collaborating from a distance, The Ballard Brothers parody band was ready to meet the public. Their first single and video was recorded in less than two weeks.

An excerpt from the “Ban This Song” lyrics reads:

“It seems to me the facts demand that we change some things in our great land to keep our people safe from death or harm. There are good folks dying every day in senseless and peculiar ways, so I’ll make my point with good, old southern charm. We are in a society that is no longer an America. We are banning everything.”

“Ban This Song” goes on to describe some of the top 10 causes of accidental death in the United States, in a humorous way of course. One of The Ballard Brothers members is shown sitting on a couch having his eye lids closed after he died from boredom watching Piers Morgan on television.

The Ballard Brothers plan to branch out from the political parody genre and create some family friendly tunes as well.

What do you think about The Ballard Brothers approach to highlighting their views on government regulations in “Ban This Song?”

[Image Via: Shutterstock.com]