‘The Young And The Restless’ Casting Rumors: Is Daniel Goddard Leaving?

Monty BrintonCBS

Unexpected new developments have Young and the Restless fans wondering if Daniel Goddard is leaving the show as Cane Ashby. Currently, on the show, Cane is fighting for Lily and their marriage.

Recently Goddard sent out a tweet that made viewers wonder if he is the latest actor to exit the show. The actor tweeted, “Life has been so good to me, but sometimes… you just have to turn the page and move on… #yr.” Goddard sold his house in Calabasas earlier this week.

“I hope it’s about moving to a bigger house and not about leaving Y&R,” one fan responded.

“Come on, Daniel…you can’t make a statement like that and not explain what you meant. You’ve got us all worrying that you’re leaving Y&R! Please tell us that you’re not! Please respond when you have a moment! We think very highly of you! Oh, what the heck…we love you!” another follower replied.

The actor did not reply to the multitude of viewers who asked if the cryptic tweet meant that he is exiting the show. Yesterday, the actor posted a selfie in the middle of getting dressed and sent out positivity and love to his followers. He promised that together they could all overcome adversity.

The Inquisitr recently reported that Lily (Christel Khalil) gets released from prison early for good behavior. Because she doesn’t want to see Cane, Neil (Kristoff St. John) takes the twins to pick her up. She arrives home to a romantic surprise from Cane, but she’s not interested in it at all because she realizes there are strings attached. Cane wants to save their marriage, but Lily wants a fresh beginning after serving her time in jail for distracted driving, which led to Hilary’s (Mishael Morgan) death last year. Lily isn’t looking for things. She wants to move forward as a better person who makes a difference.

Another thing Lily wants to do immediately upon her return to Genoa City is go to the opening of Devon’s (Bryton James) new restaurant, Society. Cane convinces her to go together so that their breakup won’t be the talk of the evening and pull the spotlight off of her brother and Abby (Melissa Ordway).

It does not seem like Cane and Lily will survive this round of their marriage issues. Last year, Khalil went off contract and has been in recurring since then. Without Lily in Genoa City, it does seem like Cane might leave as well. Of course, Goddard’s tweet may just be about selling his house.