Camille Kostek Rocks Daisy Dukes & Crop Top As She Flies Into Coachella In Style

Bryan BedderGetty Images

Camille Kostek shared a new Instagram post with her fans to reveal that she arrived at Coachella Music Festival in style this year. She posed next to a black helicopter in a cute outfit, as she noted that the sponsor was boohoo. Kostek wore a Nirvana T-shirt and wore it cropped, along with a pair of Daisy Dukes shorts. She paired her outfit with knee-high boots, and held a jean jacket in her hands.

It’s been a busy week for Camille, as she was at University of Massachusetts yesterday. She shared a couple of Instagram posts about her visit, which revealed that she headed to the school to give a speech as their spring speaker. The model wore a cute, pink suit outfit and did a quick dance move as she walked toward the podium. A second Instagram photo showed her posing with fans for selfies, and described in the captions about how it’s inspiring to her to meet students.

Plus a couple of days ago, Kostek mentioned that she was going to speak at Providence College. The Instagram update showed her wearing a black outfit, including a pair of shiny leggings. Her hair was done in tight curls, along with natural-looking makeup.

And previously, the model spoke with The Improper about her experiences working with Sports Illustrated. She answered some tough questions, including whether the industry is “all about rejection.”

“Well, becoming a swimsuit model put pressures on me that I never knew about, being told when I went to agencies and had my measurements taken, ‘Come back in three weeks. We’d love to pitch you to Sports Illustrated as soon as you’ve lost an inch and a quarter off your thighs or your hips,’ or, ‘Lose 15 or 20 pounds.’ They were these unrealistic standards that I wasn’t interested in conforming to. It wasn’t laziness. It just wasn’t me. It wasn’t how I was comfortable.”

Luckily for Kostek, she stayed true to herself and refused to conform to the agencies’ request. It turned out that SI loved the model just as she was. But it wasn’t an agency that helped her make the connection. Rather, Camille entered an open call model search and found success that way.

It’s an exciting time for all of the SI models, because this year’s swimsuit edition is hitting the newsstands on May 8. In addition, there’s a two-day event to commemorate the release, and fans can purchase tickets to attend.