WWE Rumors: Dean Ambrose Offered Insane Seven-Figure Contract To Sign With All Elite Wrestling


This week on Monday Night Raw, Dean Ambrose wrestled his last match in WWE even though it just ended with Bobby Lashley destroying him. After the cameras stopped rolling, Ambrose was given a proper goodbye by his brothers in The Shield and the fans, but what will he do now? After his contract is officially up at some point this month, Ambrose may not be unemployed long and he has an offer that will be hard to refuse.

A lot of people thought that Ambrose was not renewing his contract with WWE because he was tired of wrestling, but that doesn’t appear to be true. According to Cageside Seats, Ambrose was simply tired of how he was being used by WWE’s creative team and he wanted to still wrestle but somewhere else.

Ambrose is still advertised for WWE dates through the end of April, but he is already looking at setting up independent bookings. While it is possible that he may end up taking some bookings, he already has been reportedly offered a huge contract from All Elite Wrestling and it may be hard for him to pass it by.

Slice Wrestling is reporting that AEW is offering Ambrose a deal of $6 million per year which is more than Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns make per year in WWE. It appears as if they are even willing to wait until the rumored six months he wants to take off from wrestling if he’ll sign it after that time is up.

All Elite Wrestling is reportedly in strong talks with the Turner Networks to have a weekly television show beginning in October. That conversation is said to still be in the works and that nothing has been signed as of yet, but the promotion is expected to have a TV deal sometime soon.

Even if AEW makes that weekly TV deal, Ambrose would still have fewer dates per year than he would if working for WWE and he’d make a lot more money.

One thing is certain here and it is that Dean Ambrose would like to have some kind of creative freedom regarding his gimmick. That was apparently his biggest gripe with WWE and the main reason he didn’t want to re-sign with them even though they offered him a lot of money.

Dean Ambrose in his final WWE feud with Seth Rollins.
Featured image credit: WWE

Anything is possible in professional wrestling and talks could advance with WWE to where Dean Ambrose returns at any point. On the other hand, he could follow through with his desire to leave and go wrestle somewhere else after his contract officially expires. No matter what happens, a big-time deal is on the table for him from All Elite Wrestling and it will be interesting to see if that is where he lands.