April 12, 2019
Blake Shelton Drops 'God's Country' Video Featuring Intense Storms, Fire, And Rattlesnakes

Blake Shelton is a true Oklahoma boy and that's exactly why his new single, "God's Country," is a perfect fit for him. The tune just recently dropped on March 29. The country star also debuted it live at the ACM awards last week and now the song's video has been released as well. It's full of intense drama of years past, while also depicting the beauty of the vast farmland and waterfalls. It definitely reveals the harsh reality of a farmer.

According to CMT, Shelton knew as soon as he heard the song that he would be recording it. He said that he considers his home state of Oklahoma God's country and he also knew that the video would be shot there as well. There was no doubt in his mind upon listening to the lyrics that they would be shooting near Tishomingo, Oklahoma, where his farm is located. In fact, he was about ready to plant 15 acres of alfalfa when his producer, Scott Hendricks, first called him about the song. He explained to CMT how they got ready to shoot the video.

"We spent four days shooting there, in and around Tishomingo, getting connected to the land, the environment and the spirit of the music. As I've said before, I was born in Oklahoma and I'll be buried there."
The video flashes back to the rough conditions that vintage farmers from the Dust Bowl era had to deal with. Shelton sings with the same intensity seen in the clips. He is shown walking around the dry Oklahoma land and driving his pickup through the muddy waters after the rain. Combine all of that with running upon a rattlesnake and a burning tractor, it all comes together to bring a special piece dedicated to Blake Shelton's homeland.
The song was written by Devin Dawson, Jordan Schmidt, and Hardy. The Voice coach had previously toted that "God's Country" really is just a state of mind. He said that it's more about your own interpretation of "where you are from and how you feel about that place."
Blake Shelton just wrapped up his Friends and Heroes tour. He also enjoyed his date night with girlfriend Gwen Stefani at the ACM Awards, but it wasn't without some controversy involving his ex, Miranda Lambert. She changed the lyrics to one of her songs, "Little Red Wagon." Instead of singing "I live in Oklahoma," she changed the words to "I got the hell out of Oklahoma." Fans were convinced that was a shade against Shelton.

While Miranda Lambert may be glad to be out of Oklahoma, Blake Shelton loves the state so much that he dedicated a song to it.