Dove Cameron Pops Out Of Top In Cleavage-Flaunting Insta-Snap

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Dove Cameron got off to a good start. It’s called having an eye-catching name.

The Descendants actress and singer comes with more than just a name, though. With an angelic beauty, cherub features, and an A-List career that’s testimony to her talent, it’s safe to say that Dove Cameron is an all-rounder. With 24.4 million Instagram followers, Dove is also immensely popular.

On April 12, 2019, Dove took to Instagram to celebrate an apparent love of sunshine. Bathed in natural daylight, Dove appears lying in grass. Her eyes are closed, her hair is scraped into a top-knot bun, and this sensation seems at peace. With a caption that suggests loving “the way sunshine smells,” April 12 seems to be about embracing spring and nature. Much like the unfussy setting, Dove’s clothing is laid-back. Her white-ribbed top is buttoned-up, but it’s throwing fans some major cleavage. It’s also showing what might be a halterneck bra.

“Marry me”

One fan seems to have plans for a future with Dove.

“but you are the sunshine”

Another challenges the sun altogether.

The April 12 update comes two weeks after The Inquisitr reported Dove sending fans scrunched-up kisses from her bed. While the March 28 post suggested Dove might be nude under the sheets, it lacked the cleavage element manifesting on April 12. Both seem popular.

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i like the way sunshine smells

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April 12 brings two updates from Dove. Both have the same sun-drenched setting, although the above post is showing fans a little more skin. It forms the second sent out within the same hour. The first shows Dove in a simple black jacket. Once again, her eyes are closed.

“for a dark street, sunshine is most welcome; for a wounded soul, love is most welcome! – mehmet murat ildan”

Admittedly, the caption to the first post comes with more depth, although loving the smell of sunshine has a beauty of its own. While April 12 seems to embrace nature, it remains noteworthy to mention that Dove is not makeup-free. Pink eyeshadow and rosy cheeks seem to have the addition of a little mascara, but this girl doesn’t come caked-up. Evidence of Cameron’s penchant for makeup can be seen in her March 27 update below.

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coming soon @asos #asosmagazine

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With a career that spans television and music, this Emmy Award-winning actress has a lot under her belt – Dove is only 23. In 2017, Dove joined the cast of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Her Ruby Hale role recurred in 2018. For the most part, though, Dove is best-known for her Mal role in The Descendants.

As of April 12 though, it’s the sun that’s descending on Dove.