‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Monday: Spencer Spills To Nina About Blackmail

Craig SjodinABC Press

Spencer Cassadine is back on General Hospital and he is already butting heads with Valentin. Despite the age difference between these two, they make no bones about how they feel toward each other. In fact, Valentin treats the boy just like anyone else that has gotten in his way, and Spencer stands up to him just like an adult would. The drama between them escalated on Friday and there is more to come next week.

Monday’s General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central revealed that Spencer will go to see Nina and confess what her husband is up to. Valentin has been lying to Nina about the daughter that she thinks is hers. Spencer knows there is some kind of secret that Sasha and Valentin have, he just doesn’t know exactly what it is. However, Valentin does have a secret that he is hanging over the youngster, and he isn’t afraid to use it to keep him in line.

Valentin knows about Spencer rigging the mayoral election that his grandmother was running in against Ned Quartermaine. He reminded the boy on Friday’s show that he could expose that information to the FBI any time he wants to after Spencer mentioned his and Sasha’s secret. He knows that it could ruin Laura’s role as mayor of Port Charles, but instead of letting her in on what’s going on with Valentin, it looks like Spencer will be heading over to Crimson.

In the previews that were shown for Monday, Nina walks into her office at Crimson and it appears that Spencer is there waiting for her. He is seen telling her that Valentin is blackmailing him. Maybe he is hoping to play on her sympathy being that he is so young, but it could very well backfire.

General Hospital fans are hoping that Nina will eventually see the light that her husband is lying to her about Sasha. You would think that the light bulb would go off once she stops to think on all the people who have warned her lately about Valentin. Maxie and Peter have been the latest to be suspicious of him, even going so far as to run a DNA test on Nina and Sasha. Obrecht has also tried to warn her niece about Sasha and Valentin.

Now that Spencer is about to confess that Valentin is up to no good, Nina may just think twice on what everyone has been trying to tell her. Or she may turn a blind eye to it all once again. She could think that Spencer is just trying to get back at Valentin and dismiss him.

Will Nina listen to Spencer on Monday’s General Hospital? There is much more drama to come for Nina once she finds out that Sasha isn’t really her daughter after all.