Bella Hadid Flaunts Major Cleavage In Red Bikini On Instagram

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

Bella Hadid shared a series of several Instagram photos with her fans today. The selfies appeared to be taken while she was zipping around on jet skis, and the backdrop revealed a gorgeous, blue ocean. Bella wore a red bikini with a blue life jacket. The photos were taken from the front, accentuating her curves. She made kissing faces in one selfie, as she looked into the distance in another. She wore gold, heart-shaped hoop earrings along with glamorous makeup. This included pink lipstick and brown eyeshadow.

And right before she shared the jet ski selfies, the model also shared another Instagram photo of herself in a white bikini. The photos were taken at what appears to be a resort. Bella stood in the background, wearing the swimsuit, along with a hairband and sunglasses. She wore her hair in a high bun, and took the photo in the reflection of a mirror.

While Bella hasn’t revealed where she’s at, it’s clearly somewhere tropical. Her Instagram Stories consisted of several videos and photos. Three images showed what it looks like at the resort she’s staying. The model shared a photo of two yellow lounge chairs with the ocean in the backdrop, plus a photo of a hammock that was strung between two palm trees. In addition, she shared a snap of her breakfast and the view from this morning. It looks like she enjoyed avocados, eggs, and toast, among other delicacies.

It’s no secret that Bella often travels, considering she’s a highly sought-after model in the industry. But she always manages to look amazing, and revealed to Vogue UK some of her beauty secrets.

“I travel a lot and I often work directly after landing. I use my mom’s advice, keeping my skin as good as it can be. So on a plane I wash my face as soon as I get on, I have all my serums and my night cream. And then I fall asleep and do it again when I wake up. So by the time I get off the plane my face is well rested and moisturised. And I always have a concealer with me, especially when I’m super-tired to get those dark eye bags away.”

And it’s no exaggeration when Bella says she travels a lot. In recent weeks, Hadid has been spotted at Marc Jacob’s party, attending a speech given by her dad at Harvard University and spoke at the In-Hxouse Conversations in Toronto, Ontario.