‘General Hospital’ Friday Spoilers: Curtis Voices Concern For Jordan And Valentin Needles Spencer

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s episode suggest that there are some passionate conversations on the horizon. Spencer is popping up in Port Charles during the April 12 show, and he will spar with Valentin, while Curtis will be worried about his wife’s health.

As The Inquisitr previously noted, there is a lot of Ryan-related drama incorporated into Friday’s episode. Viewers will see Ava question Jordan, Kevin head to court, and Margaux ask questions. However, General Hospital spoilers indicate that there will be action on other fronts, too.

Spencer and Valentin are hardly good buddies these days. As General Hospital fans will remember, Valentin presented a significant danger to Spencer back when he first hit town, and of course, Valentin is responsible for the loss of Spencer’s father, Nikolas.

In this upcoming confrontation, the sneak peek shared via Twitter details that Valentin will toss out a taunt of sorts to Spencer. He will note that the truth always comes out in the end, advice that he would be wise to consider himself. Spencer probably won’t be too intimidated by Valentin’s veiled threats, but viewers will be curious to see how this conversation plays out as She Knows Soaps suggests this will be an intense confrontation.

Friday’s show will also show a conversation between Curtis and Nina. General Hospital spoilers share that he will open up to his longtime friend Nina about Jordan’s continuing health concerns. Jordan desperately needs a kidney transplant, but so far, nothing has fallen into place yet.

Nina will surely do her best to support her good friend as he admits he is worried about his wife. General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed anything significant yet in terms of where a kidney donor will come from for Jordan. Some fans have speculated that Oscar’s death will lead to an organ donation to save Jordan, but considering his illness, it would be ill-advised if not fully impossible to go that route.

Some General Hospital fans have speculated that an upcoming confrontation with Ryan could lead to his death, and his kidney could be the one Jordan needs. Of course, someone doesn’t have to die to be a kidney donor, but in the land of soaps, it seems likely the writers will go that route.

For now, it sounds as if Jordan will continue to struggle to get by with just dialysis, and it may take until the May sweeps for an organ donation opportunity to present itself. Additional General Hospital spoilers will emerge in the weeks ahead, and fans are hoping that Curtis and Jordan will get good news soon.