Woman Assaults Boyfriend With Furby And PlayStation Controller Over Facebook Post

Pittsburgh, PA – Sometimes the headline says it all. A woman allegedly threw a Furby and a PlayStation controller at her boyfriend in response to a negative post he allegedly wrote about her on Facebook. The former hit the right side of his face, the latter, his left. Guess which one left a gash.

A local CBS station reported that Ashley Trimmer, 27, threw the Furby at William Ley, her boyfriend of eight months. The furry, talking toy struck him on the right side of his head while he was on the couch.

Police showed up at Trimmer’s home a little after 1 am Wednesday. They arrived to see Ley bleeding from his face with a red mark and bump on his head. Trimmer claimed that her boyfriend had also thrown something at her, but there was no evidence to suggest so.

Police are obligated to make arrests in domestic abuse case, and since Trimmer showed no signs of injury, she was the one charged with simple assault and hauled to jail. She was released after she posted 10 percent of her $2,000 bail. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

“She’s a young woman who obviously is troubled,” Police Chief Leo McCarthy told TribLIVE. “I believe when this goes to a preliminary hearing, this will be resolved and this young woman will be able to put all this behind her.”

No one answered the door after the woman was released, so there is no update on whether the couple got back together after the woman assault her boyfriend, nor has any word been offered on the status of the Furby that learned to fly.