Karen Gillan Flaunts Curvaceous Backside In ‘Jumanji 2’ Snapshot

Phillip FaraoneGetty Images

Karen Gillan has been very generously sharing the occasional behind-the-scenes snapshot during the production of Jumanji 2 via social media. Just yesterday, the 31-year-old actress took to her Instagram profile to share a photo featuring herself dressed up as Ruby Roundhouse.

The snapshot contained the actress in the center of the frame as several members of the crew appeared to be touching up her makeup. Gillan was standing in tall green grass with forestry completely surrounding her in the background.

While her small frame blocked just enough of one of the crew members arms and hands to conceal exactly what she was working on, the other crew member was leaning over to apply makeup to Karen’s knee.

Karen rocked the same short, snug pair of olive green shorts she wore as Ruby Roundhouse during the first Jumanji. She also donned a maroon crop top with brown leather boots.

Her vibrant ginger locks flowed down her shoulders and back in a loose wavy style.

The behind-the-scenes photo featured Gillan with her back to the camera, allowing her to flaunt her voluptuous derriere, trim waist, and toned legs. Karen credited film and TV producer, Hiram Garcia, for snapping the photo of her slaying in her Ruby Roundhouse ensemble.

In just 24 hours, Gillan’s Instagram followers wasted no time showering the photo with just shy of 500,000 likes and nearly 1,500 comments.

The top comment on the photo was someone poking fun at the fact that Karen had a makeup artist working on her knee. Several other individuals left comments finding humor in the makeup artist’s attention to detail.

Many leaving comments stuck to simple single word compliments, including “stunning,” “fine,” and “beautiful.”

A few even begged the actress to spill on what the official movie title was beyond just calling it Jumanji 2.

“I love your shape! So magnificent!” one individual gushed.

A second jested, “Good thing they got fresh makeup on your knee. Whole movie would’ve been ruined…”

Professionally, Gillan has been exceptionally busy between working on the production of Jumanji 2 and preparing for the April 26 release of Avengers: Endgame. This week, Karen has posted several pictures of herself donning gorgeous ensembles as she attends various press events ahead of the theatrical release.

Gillan’s last behind-the-scenes snapshot was posted on her Instagram profile on March 25. The photo featured herself and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson sitting on rocks with huge smiles on their faces.

In the caption, Karen called attention to her character’s struggle to navigate the awkward and confusing feelings she has for The Rock’s character. Using hashtags, she also pointed out the fact that Ruby Roundhouse was wearing pants instead of her usual short shorts.