‘The Challenge: War Of The Worlds’ Episode 11 Spoilers: Which Female Goes Home?


The Challenge: War of the Worlds will be coming to a close shortly, with only five episodes left in the season. Last Wednesday saw the teams dissolve, meaning every player was on their own as solo challenges began. The first solo tribunal consisted of Paulie Calafiore, Theo Campbell, and Turbo Turabi, with Kyle Christie ultimately being put onto the Killing Floor. Kyle called out Stephen Bear, and sent the new Challenge bad boy packing — much to Georgia Harrison’s dismay.

After the teams dissolved, host T.J. Lavin announced that the first elimination would be males only, meaning next episode will send a female packing. This has been confirmed by The Challenge‘s Fandom page, which generally reports correct spoilers. The site hasn’t made a mistake with regards to their spoilers so far this season. The page is reporting that Nany Gonzalez will be sent home in Episode 11, at the hands of Da’Vonne Rogers.

Da’Vonne’s win over Nany will mark the third time the Big Brother alum has gone onto the Killing Floor this season and come out on top. Da’Vonne and her former partner, Bear, took out Leroy Garrett and Shaleen Sutherland in Episode 6 — as well as Jenna Compono and Gus Smyrnios in Episode 8. Da’Vonne’s record on the Killing Floor makes her the winningest Challenger in eliminations all season long.

For now, there are no details on what kind of challenge the elimination was — whether it be physical, mental, or a combination of the two. Many of the Killing Floor eliminations this season have demanded a combination of physical and mental strength. Wednesday night’s elimination contest between Kyle and Bear was a mixture of both, as the men had to answer multiple choice trivia questions by grabbing a ball with the correct answer on it. They would then fight to get said ball into their own basket on opposite ends of a ring.

After Nany’s elimination next week, there will be one more man and one more woman sent home from the Killing Floor. After the Killing Floor eliminations are complete, 10 Challengers will remain, with a new twist being thrown into the mix just before the final. The Challenge Vevmo spoiler page is reporting that a purge will be held before the final challenge, one wherein another man and women will be sent home without any sort of elimination competition. Purges generally knock out a predetermined amount of cast members based on who finishes last in the day’s challenge. Stay tuned with The Inquisitr for more upcoming spoilers.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds airs every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.