Meghan Markle ‘Not A Yes Person,’ Kate Middleton ‘Feud’ Broken Down

Richard PohleGetty Images

It isn’t quite a Nicki Minaj vs. Cardi B deal, but rumor has it that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have a feud.

On April 12, Page Six quoted Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell. The palace insider had spoken to Us Magazine on April 11. The general public might find the alleged feud between the two duchesses a bit binge-worthy, but Burrell “isn’t buying it.” Nonetheless, his take points toward Markle having a stubborn streak.

“I have no doubt that Meghan is not a ‘yes’ person. [She] speaks her mind and voices her opinions as an American woman of today would and should.”

Meghan’s U.S. nationality has been a hot topic since day one. With U.K. royals mostly mixing within the upper echelon of British society, Meghan’s arrival into the family comes as unusual. Kate Middleton may be one of the few “commoners” to marry into British royalty, but Meghan’s history as a Hollywood actress possibly tops that. The above-mentioned report from Page Six addresses alleged “jealousy” between the two wives, but Burrell is shutting it down.

“They are different women with different roles from different cultures. Kate knows that Meghan is no threat to her, and Meghan is mature enough to realize that her role is vastly different to Kate’s.”

As Meghan mania sweeps the world, Middleton seems to have taken a bit of a back seat. Kate already has three children with her husband, Prince William. Meghan and Prince Harry’s baby is due in the coming weeks, although speculation over whether Meghan has already given birth is rife, per Good Housekeeping.

The April 11 report might not offer much in terms of juicy details, but it comes as poignant. Meghan being described as “an American” is a bold statement. With a transition away from her Los Angeles base, Markle appears to have worked hard to shed her American image. The Hollywood style of tanks and jeans is no more. Markle’s personal social media accounts were shut down in the run-up to her wedding. With only @sussexroyal Instagram for social media, Meghan’s “Insta-life” has nothing short of evaporated.

Burrell’s interview didn’t just cover the ladies in this family. Addressing an alleged “rift” between the two princes over Markle, the former palace employee denied suggestions that William and Harry have been through “a rough patch.”

Meghan “speaking her mind” has made headlines in general. On March 26, The Inquisitr reported rumors of Markle’s “unflattering” nicknames. Yes, multiple. The alleged “Duchess Difficult” had been bumped up to “Me-gain.”

Quite where Markle and Middleton stand is unknown. For the man who knows the family inside out though, the alleged feud doesn’t exist (but Markle’s strong personality apparently does).