Jackie Evancho Releasing New Album, Admits ‘Regret’ After Performing At Trump’s Inauguration

Jason Merritt Getty Images

Singer Jackie Evancho has a voice — and as she is getting older, she is learning to use it in more than one way.

In an interview with USA Today, the 19-year-old classical performer spoke about what has been happening in her life, including the upcoming release of her new album, The Debut, and her past performance at President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

A departure from what Evancho has done in the past, The Debut includes her version of a few Broadway numbers.

The singer explained that she did not want to limit herself to a specific genre and that she was interested in experimenting with what her voice could do. She also said that she has recently discovered she has a “pop” voice.

Growing up in the spotlight has had its challenging moments, but it also gave her unique experiences.

Like the experience to perform at the presidential inauguration in 2017. At the time, Evancho said that her performance was not so much about politics as it was the honor to sing at the event.

Evancho also said in an interview with the New York Daily News that the event did not open doors the way she had hoped. The singer, whose older sister is transgender, wanted to discuss transgender rights with Trump, but the opportunity for any such a meeting never came.

“I didn’t expect what kind of president he would be and, with me being very pro-LGBTQ, I was hoping to maybe have an in and get to talk to him about our future in America in terms of that, and unfortunately it didn’t work out that way, which kind of sucks,” she said. “Yeah, I guess there’s a little regret.”

The singer said that she was “frustrated” with how some of her fans in the LGBTQ community felt she was not “with them” after the inauguration, adding that she “definitely” was still with them. She also said that there were some things she wished she could go back and change or “fix,” especially with the LGBTQ community.

“It was (difficult to navigate),” she said of the performance while speaking with USA Today. “It wasn’t really my decision, it was a decision made by my team, so I kind of just had to go with it.”

Not one to dwell too much on the past, the young singer has bright hopes for her future, stating that she has creative ideas she wants to get out to the world.