Xbox Event: Imminent After PlayStation 4 Show?

An Xbox event may be looming in the wake of the Sony PlayStation 4 show.

Gamers across the US joined in viewing one of the biggest online events of the year thus far. No, it wasn’t LittleKuriboh’s (Martin Billany of YouTube) “Cardgames for Charity” auction last year, it was the PlayStation 4 event.

According to a new domain registered yesterday, Microsoft could be preparing its own answer to the PlayStation 4 event. According to GameSpot, was registered by US Techs, recently renamed as Eventcore, a company that provides “advanced, customized solutions in the event management industry.”

US Techs had also registered the domain, the site used for Microsoft’s 2013 Hosting Summit, adding more speculation to the possibly looming Xbox event, according to IGN. At the bottom of the page rests the words that appear to add legitimacy to the claim:

“this site is hosted for Microsoft by U.S. Techs”

It is yet unknown exactly what this domain ( will actually be used for. However, being registered so hot on the heels of Sony’s internet event on Wednesday, it seems to be pointing to Microsoft attempting to keep up with the Joneses, or “the Sonys,” if you will.

Reports from CVG and The Verge tell us that industry sources suggest April as the most likely time frame for a possible Xbox event. A Microsoft spokesperson offered the following statement regarding the domain registration:

“Microsoft often acquires various domain names as part of its ongoing business strategy, but beyond that we have no comment.”

Xbox fans everywhere are likely hoping that Sony revealed too much too soon.

What do you think? Does the newly registered domain mean the Xbox event is coming soon after the PlayStation 4 show?