Spoilers For ‘The Young And The Restless’: Rey Puts Sharon’s Life In Extreme Danger


Shocking new The Young and the Restless spoilers show that Rey ends up putting Sharon’s life in danger after he decides to start things off with zero secrets.

Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) faces a difficult choice. Paul (Doug Davidson) offered to give Rey another chance, but there’s a significant condition attached. He wants Rey to solve Lola’s (Sasha Calle) attack. Rey knows who attacked his sister, but he’s keeping it secret, even though his sister suffered greatly after what Mia did. He’s protecting Mia (Noemi Gonzalez) because she’s pregnant. Rey isn’t sure if Mia’s baby is his or his brother, Arturo’s (Jason Canela). Either way, though, the baby is his family, and that is who Rey is most concerned about. In real life, the soon-to-be-divorced couple on-screen are friends off-screen, according to The Inquisitr.

In an effort to start things out with Sharon (Sharon Case) with no secrets between them, Rey tells Sharon the truth about Mia attacking Lola, as Mia thought she was Abby (Melissa Ordway). He explains how Mia was enraged at Arturo’s engagement to Abby, and Abby loaned Mia her coat. Vilasuso recently discussed the storyline with Soaps In Depth.

“He really puts himself in a vulnerable position, but he’s like, ‘No more secrets between us!’ He really wants to do right by Sharon and put it all on the table! To her credit, she accepts it. He is grateful. She understands why he kept it a secret,” explained Vilasuso.

Sharon will likely feel guilty keeping such a huge secret, but she will do it because Rey asked her to. Even so, the knowledge is there, and it will be even more difficult considering Rey’s second chance with the Genoa City Police Department rests on solving the case.

Rey trusts Sharon completely, but Mia doesn’t feel that way about her husband’s new girlfriend. In fact, if Mia realizes that her future rests in Sharon’s hands, then she could indeed lose it far worse than the way she lost it on Abby over Arturo.

Mia will be incredibly angry when she learns what Rey did.

“You really don’t want to fuel her fire because she is so impulsive and doesn’t think before she acts! Mia being a thorn in Rey’s side is not going to go away!” according to Vilasuso.

Once Mia finds out, Sharon’s life will be in extreme danger. There is no way that Mia will just let this slide without some serious intervention from Rey and others. It could be that, in the end, Rey ends up having to choose between Sharon and Mia.