Spoilers For Friday’s ‘General Hospital’: Ryan’s Mysterious Whereabouts Generate Questions And Speculation

Craig SjodinABC

Ryan’s whereabouts remain unknown and General Hospital spoilers tease that this will be a hot topic of conversation throughout Port Charles during Friday’s episode. Ava has made it clear that she doesn’t believe that Ryan is dead, and Jordan suspects the same. Now it seems there will be multiple conversations about the missing madman during the April 12 show, and everybody will be anxious for answers.

Jordan has shared that Ryan was apparently still alive when he lost his right hand, and this news has many people feeling suspicious. Given how crazy Ryan is, and his past history of reappearing after supposedly being dead, it’s not a stretch to think that he cut off his own hand to try to throw everybody off-track.

The sneak peek for Friday’s show reveals that Ava will cross paths with Jordan and ask her outright if she thinks Ryan is still alive. Will Jordan admit she does, or will she try to avoid saying much at this point?

General Hospital spoilers detail that Laura will turn to Finn to get his insight from a doctor’s perspective. She will ask Finn his opinion about whether or not Ryan might have survived given what they know at this point. According to SheKnows Soaps, Finn will share his thoughts and lean on his expertise to give Laura his opinion.

It looks like Kevin will be back in court, with his lawyer, Nora, by his side. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Margaux will be a bit worked up and asking someone to explain something in connection to this court appearance. Nora seems fully prepared to argue semantics on Kevin’s behalf and Margaux may be facing a bigger challenge with this case than she anticipated.

Laura has felt conflicted about what to do regarding her marriage, and Soap Central details that she won’t be feeling ready to walk away. She is said to soften in some way during Friday’s show, and it sounds like Laura and Kevin may manage to repair this relationship, given some time.

Friday’s episode will also feature Curtis voicing concern to Nina over Jordan’s need for a kidney transplant. General Hospital spoilers note that Spencer will pop up and have an acrimonious conversation with Valentin, and Robert will try to get Anna to open up to him about her worries. It doesn’t look as if there will be much, if any, focus on Shiloh, Kristina, and Dawn of Day, and fans are probably glad to see the attention shift elsewhere for a moment.

When and how will Ryan pop up again, assuming he is still alive? Will Ava and Felicia’s determination to lure him back to Port Charles be successful? General Hospital spoilers tease that there are juicy developments on the way, and fans will be curious to see where this heads next.