Ireland Baldwin Shows Off Cleavage In Red Bikini Top On Instagram

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Ireland Baldwin shared a brand new bikini photo today on Instagram, and it’s already garnered over 12,000 likes in the past five hours. The photo showed Ireland standing outside with trees in the background with small yellow flower blossoms. The model stood facing the camera at a diagonal position, and closed her eyes, seemingly enjoying the sunshine. Her hair was pulled back in a casual ponytail, and she rocked a red bikini top.

It looks like the model previously sported the same, or similar top, for an Instagram photo on April 2 that she took with her boyfriend. The selfie showed Baldwin smiling with her lips closed in the foreground, as her boyfriend, Corey Harper, stood behind her and smiled, also with his lips closed. Behind them, you can see a field of flowers.

According to Corey’s Instagram, it would appear that the couple are enjoying themselves in Seattle, Washington, right now. He posed for a photo in front of the iconic “Public Market Center” sign at the Fisherman’s Wharf. His caption suggested the two were about to head to one of the seafood restaurants in the area. The photo was captured by Ireland, and Harper wore a dark button-up jacket with his sunglasses clipped to his shirt.

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this weather can stay ????

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The couple is believed to have started dating around September of 2018, according to The Daily Mail. And so far, it certainly looks like the two are enjoying getting to know each other. The two posts photos of each other on their social media feeds from time to time.

Ireland previously opened up to Genlux Magazine about her modeling career and personal details.

“I was born in Beverly Hills, but I like to consider myself a citizen of the world, because I’ve bounced around. I’m a traveler, explorer. I grew up in LA, but have lived in a different place almost every year of my life.”

And inevitably, she was asked about her famous parents.

“The day I was born, my dad got arrested because he sprayed a photographer’s windshield. True story: I was about 10 and sitting with my friend and we watched 9 ½ Weeks. And I saw my mother in 8 Mile when I was young. I always looked at it as art. I knew from a very early age that they were famous,” she said.

With that being said, Baldwin has pursued her own career in modeling, and has been striving to make a name for herself.

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I demanded a photo too ????

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