Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kim & Drew Face Tough Oscar Update, Carly Gets Emotional With Sonny

Craig SjodinABC

All signs point toward an emotional episode of General Hospital coming on Thursday. Spoilers detail that viewers will see the chaotic aftermath of Jason’s move to whisk Kristina away from the Dawn of Day house, but teasers reveal that there is Oscar-related action ahead, too.

The Twitter sneak peek for Thursday’s show shares some insight into what’s coming up in the episode airing on April 11. As The Inquisitr noted, Jason will be by Kristina’s side as she awakens, and Sam will try to keep her cover in place with Shiloh. Michael will reach out to Willow and Chase for help, and there’s a lot more on the way with this DoD storyline before it’s wrapped up.

General Hospital spoilers share that Oscar will remain in his coma as Thursday’s show begins. Kim and Drew will meet with both Monica and Dr. Terry to discuss the situation, but it doesn’t look as if there is any positive news to be shared. Terry will acknowledge that there isn’t really anything more the doctors can do to help the teen. Monica will urge the group to shift their focus on how to prepare for the difficult steps ahead.

The Inquisitr shared that Oscar will awaken from his coma soon, which should at least give everybody an opportunity to share some farewells. Unfortunately, nothing has changed in term’s of Oscar’s ultimate prognosis.

Unless a miracle cure comes through at the last minute, it looks like he will die soon. Josslyn will surely be spending every minute she can by Oscar’s bedside, and General Hospital spoilers note that this will lead to turmoil for Carly.

Carly will open up to Sonny about where things stand at this point, and she will get emotional as she tells Sonny that Oscar might not wake up again. While it may not happen quite yet, General Hospital spoilers have teased that, soon, Carly will decide to reach out to Jax to share all of this with him.

Kim and Drew know that Oscar didn’t want to die in the hospital, but his condition is rapidly deteriorating. Will they be able to move him home — or to the Quartermaine mansion, as Monica suggested — so that he spends his last days in comfort? How much longer will he be able to hold on?

General Hospital spoilers hint that Thursday’s episode will have viewers buzzing over all that goes down, as will the next few shows. Big challenges are ahead for many central characters on the canvas, and fans may see some juicy twists and turns incorporated to shake things up even further.