Twitter CEO Reveals Bizarre Daily Regimen That Keeps Him Focused

David Becker Getty Images

Eating one meal a day, fasting on weekends, and taking cold showers are just a few of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s unusual daily habits that he claims help keep him focused. The tech guru revealed the details of his routine during the March 15 episode of the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast, CNBC reported.

Dorsey shares a lot of his life on Twitter but went into more detail on the podcast. One thing he does that many might find extreme is eating only one meal a day — between 6:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. He said that the form of intermittent fasting made him feel “so much more focused.” In addition, he usually fasts on weekends. He eats a balanced meal that usually includes fish, chicken, or steak with a salad, spinach, or Brussels sprouts. He also takes a multivitamin with “lots of vitamin C” during his eating window.

On the weekends, Dorsey’s fasting becomes even more extreme. In fact, he claims he doesn’t eat all.

“I’ll go from Friday ’til Sunday. I won’t have dinner on Friday. I won’t have dinner or any meal on Saturday. And the first time I’ll eat will be Sunday evening. I’ve done that three times now where I do [an] extended fast where I’m just drinking water.”

Fasting helps Dorsey sleep better, and to help him monitor his sleep, he uses an Oura ring. He said the ring helps him measure his REM sleep, which he explained was essential for stimulating the brain.

Another interesting part of Dorsey’s daily routine involves saunas and ice baths. He said being able to go from a warm bed to an ice-cold tub first thing in the morning “unlocks” his mind and makes him feel as though he can do “nearly anything.” In the evenings, he sits in his sauna for 15 minutes and then takes an ice bath — a process he repeats three times.

The microblogging cofounder also incorporates meditation into his day, striving to meditate for one hour twice a day. He told Greenfield that the technique has made “the biggest impact” to his mental health.

Dorsey also uses a standing desk while he works with a near-infrared bulb. While he did not elaborate what the bulb was for, CNBC reported that SaunaSpace, which manufactures the lights, claims that the bulbs prevent illness and promote cellular regeneration.

Surprisingly, Dorsey doesn’t have a personal trainer, and he doesn’t even go to the gym. Instead, he said he walks one hour and 15 minutes to the office, five days a week.

The tech guru said he also journals every day in the Notes app on his iPhone.