Plus-Size Model Jem Wolfie Goes Topless On Instagram

Australian fitness guru and plus-size model Jem Wolfie has been turning heads and stunning her social media followers as of late, and it seems she is showing no signs of slowing down. When it comes to posting sexy and sultry photos online, the Australian bombshell has her routine down pat, and as a result, she's amassed quite the following on Instagram.

To date, Jem boasts over 2.6 million followers on the popular social media platform, and earlier today, she posted a stunning photo where she bares it all. Needless to say, this latest pic is bound to her fans hot under the collar.

In her most recent Instagram share, Jem has left little to the imagination. It's not entirely clear where this photo was taken, though it looks like Jem is posing on a beach, given her choice of attire -- a stunning red swimsuit -- and the sand she is kneeling down on. This wouldn't be out of character for Wolfie -- seeing as how she lives in the Land Down Under, she is no stranger to taking pics on the beach, given its relative proximity. Still, while this pic might look familiar to Jem's longtime fans, her revealing outfit is a bit of a departure from her usual repertoire.

While Jem Wolfie is no stranger to posting titillating pics, her most recent snapshot is more revealing than most. Rather than simply flaunting cleavage in a tight swimsuit, the blonde bombshell has opted to pull her swimsuit's straps all the way down, exposing the top half of her body to the camera. Of course, she covered up her assets with her arms -- so as to conform to Instagram's content policy on nudity -- but that doesn't make the photo any less alluring. In the caption, she welcomes new fans to the so-called "Wolfgang," and explains how things in her life have gotten rather hectic.

Unsurprisingly, Wolfie's latest Instagram snapshot has proven itself popular among her rabid fanbase. Even though the pic in question was only posted a couple of hours ago, it has already racked up over 112,000 likes, with over 900 comments to boot. Her followers were sure to leave plenty of positive comments.

"God you're absolutely perfect. Keep doing what you're doing. Don't let anyone tell that what you're doing is wrong. They're just peanut butter and jealous. You motivate and inspire a ton of people. Enjoy your success," one user wrote. "[Y]ou're beautiful & you deserve it," another chimed in, capping off their message with a heart emoji.