Elizabeth Hurley Rocks Cheetah-Print Bikini, Glows As She Flaunts Her Cleavage At 53

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Model and swimwear designer Elizabeth Hurley has been pampering herself while spending time at a luxurious resort in the Himalayas in recent days, and the 53-year-old stunner just shared a new shot that has her fans buzzing. It is nothing new to see Hurley wearing a skimpy bikini or sexy one-piece bathing suit on her Instagram page, but this latest photo really seems to have impressed her followers.

Hurley shared a snap to her Instagram on Thursday showing her wearing one of her Elizabeth Hurley Beach bikinis while she was lounging in bed. She noted in the caption that she had been caught snoozing, but not everybody seems to be buying that tidbit. Whether she was truly sleeping or just playing for the sake of the selfie, she is rocking this particular bikini and looks stunning.

Liz noted that she was wearing the Minka Bikini, which the Elizabeth Hurley Beach site teases is her favorite. It is in a cheetah print and includes an oversized gold ring detail on the classic triangle top. The bikini ties at the hips and behind the neck, and it isn’t hard to see why this would be a favorite of hers.

In this new Instagram snap, Hurley is wearing the Minka bikini as she seemingly snoozes on top of the covers of her resort bed. The shot shows her just from the waist up, with her cleavage spilling out a bit from her top. Her long, brunette waves are mussed ever-so-slightly and hang over her shoulders, and it did not go unnoticed by some of her followers that she was wearing full makeup.

Despite what some perceived to be a set-up shot, Hurley’s fans were quick to praise the actress and model and how she looked in her outfit. Liz has about 1.2 million followers on the social media site, and nearly 25,000 of them had liked the new post in the first hour it was live.

Nearly 700 people commented on Liz’s new post as well, with many noting she looked like an ageless wonder or a princess from Sleeping Beauty. Hurley has been posting photos from her stay in India for several days now, and it looks like she has been making the most of this resort stay.

Elizabeth Hurley regularly defies any pre-conceived notions about how one should look or dress at the age of 53. Of course, few can rock a bikini in their 50s like she can, but she tends to inspire women and tantalize men as she flaunts her incredible physique and shares tidbits about how she lives her life to the fullest.