Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Sam Set On Taking Down Shiloh, Shockers Ahead After Kristina’s Rescue

Todd WawrychukABC

New General Hospital spoilers regarding the Shiloh storyline have just emerged, and fans will need to brace themselves for the twists and turns ahead. Jason managed to rescue Kristina from the Dawn of Day house before “The Trust” initiation played out, but this isn’t over yet.

She Knows Soaps reveals some juicy General Hospital spoilers about how this proceeds. As The Inquisitr noted, there is a lot of action related to this storyline coming up on Friday.

Sam will seemingly make it look as if she still sides with Shiloh and this will prompt an enraged and stunned Molly to lash out. Jason will have Kristina squired away somewhere, and Michael will ask Willow to speak with Kristina.

Additional General Hospital spoilers tease that Sam will remain determined to destroy Shiloh, and she will be more passionate about it now that she knows more about this loyalty pledge Kristina was working through. Viewers saw that Jason took the cup that Kristina had drank from, and he will take it to Elizabeth, surely in hopes that she can help him have it tested for drugs.

Apparently, Brad will end up with the cup, as perhaps Elizabeth takes it from Jason and gives it to Brad to have it tested. However, juicy General Hospital spoilers reveal that Shiloh will run into Brad and see him holding the cup.

Details regarding what happens at this point haven’t been revealed. However, during the coming week, Jason will learn of Brad’s interest in Dawn of Day and that could add a new layer of complications to this.

Viewers know that Neil agreed to help Sonny with Kristina, but the therapist had given Alexis a very different perspective on how to handle the DOD situation. Soon, Alexis will learn that Neil is involved and this will lead to some surprises.

While Neil had expressed hesitations about being able to help Kristina, General Hospital spoilers share that he will seemingly be successful in this case. Teasers detail that he will appear to reverse the effects that Kristina had experienced before Jason whisked her away, but it seems certain there is more to come on this front.

Soap Central indicates that during the coming week, Brad will get more deeply involved in DOD, and there is another intense confrontation on the way between Jason and Shiloh. In addition, Alexis will learn that Kristina borrowed money from Julian to pay for her initiation fee, and this will surely lead to some tense moments.

General Hospital spoilers tease that there are still some twists and turns on the way with this Dawn of Day storyline. Some speculate that perhaps Harmony is Willow’s adoptive mother and many wonder about a possible connection between DOD and Neil.

Will Kristina be able to see through Shiloh and DOD now or will she be drawn back to them? General Hospital spoilers hint that there are surprises on the horizon, and fans will be curious to see what comes next.