Pamela Anderson Slams Donald Trump, Calls Him A ‘Toxic Coward’ Following Assange Arrest

Jack TaylorGetty Images

The news that Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, had been arrested early Thursday drew rebuke from former Baywatch star and 1990s celebrity Pamela Anderson.

“I am in shock,” Anderson posted to the Twitter account of her foundation following the arrest. “He looks very bad. How could you Equador [sic]?” She went on to denounce the U.K. as “America’s b**ch.”

Anderson went on, in a subsequent tweet, to denounce Donald Trump as “this toxic coward of a President.” The actress also tweeted a link to donate to WikiLeaks.

The tweets from Anderson were not merely a celebrity’s opinion — she and Assange are close and have even been linked romantically. Anderson called Assange a “hero” in 2016, and she visited Assange on multiple occasions during the years that he was living in Ecuador’s embassy in London.

In a 2017 Daily Mail interview, Anderson talked about why she admires and regularly visited the WikiLeaks founder, even sometimes bringing him vegan food.

“I think he’s a very important person and I think that history will look back on him and realize how important he is,” Anderson said.

A New York Post analysis of the relationship, published last year, speculated that Anderson was pursuing the relationship as a way to stay in the public eye, while Assange “has a thing for blondes and he’s always been quite the womanizer.” The piece also said that the FBI was looking to talk to Anderson about Assange, but it’s unclear if they ever actually did.

Anderson has been married three times — to Tommy Lee, to Kid Rock, and to Rick Salomon, who is best known as the man in Paris Hilton’s sex tape.

Julian Assange, per The Inquisitr, was arrested early Thursday for a variety of charges after Ecuador President Lenin Moreno formally withdrew his political asylum. Assange had been living in the embassy for more than seven years, and because asylum in foreign countries applies in their embassies, the WikiLeaks founder could not be touched by authorities as long as that asylum was in effect. Assange had first entered the embassy while facing sexual assault charges in Sweden.

Assange and WikiLeaks allegedly played a key role in the Russian interference in the 2016 election, most notably through the dissemination of leaked emails through WikiLeaks, which was referred to as “Organization 1” in various indictments from the special counsel’s office. Ironically, it was Donald Trump, who benefited from such actions, who moved to have Assange arrested.