Snow Plow Driver Records Himself Burying Cars: Loses Job [Video]

A snow plow driver who recorded himself while burying cars has lost his job. The snow plow driver worked for a private contractor that was employed to clear streets in Boston, Massachusetts after the recent blizzard.

Mark Hussey recorded video of himself laughing and joking as he intentionally buried cars and blocked driveways with huge piles of snow. The video went viral after Hussey posted it on YouTube. Hussey, who refers to himself as “Dogg” thought it would be funny to record his antics and post them online.

Throughout the video clip Hussey jokes around as he buries cars in the snow:

“Oh, I’m sorry, was your car down there?” Dogg said. “You want to find your car? You come see me. I’ll let you know where your car is.”

The 47-year-old man insists that he was careful to avoid causing permanent damage to people or property, but residents who viewed his video clip were outraged. As reported by, one resident, who lived on one of the streets featured in the video, stated that he wanted to “throw a shovel” at the overzealous plow driver.

Hussey’s employer was not amused. “Dogg” the snow plow driver lost his job when his boss realized that he had recorded himself burying residents’ cars and blocking driveways. As reported by, Hussey thought the punishment was harsh:

“My boss fired me from the best job I ever had in 30 years driving a truck. It was a stupid two-minute video. This morning I apologized to the city manager, but it was too late.”

“Dogg” reached out to at least one family on his route. The snow plow driver reportedly apologized for recording himself as he joked about burying their car.