New York Woman Totals Car After Seeing A Spider And Panicking


There are plenty of potential causes of a car crash taking place, even without a second vehicle involved. Often it is because the driver is distracted, perhaps intoxicated or looking at their phone while driving. One New York woman totaled her car on Wednesday after careening off the road. However, she wasn’t reportedly drinking nor was she texting behind the wheel. A spider is the apparent culprit behind this crash, surprisingly enough. Police are now issuing an important warning to drivers out there that startle easily, according to Channel 13 News.

A Cairo, New York woman who’s name has not been publicly revealed, was out on the road running errands on Wednesday. While driving along Silver Spur Road in Cairo, she spotted a spider inside her car at close proximity to her. Upon seeing the arachnid, she instantly panicked and lost control of her vehicle. She careened off the road and hit a stone wall. Because of the extensive damage done to the vehicle, the woman’s car was deemed totaled. She also suffered a leg injury in the crash.

A photo of the destroyed car was released to the public showing severe damage to the front end. The force of the crash was enough to cause the driver’s side airbag to go off and to crush the small vehicle. The majority of the bumper laid on the ground with one of the headlights dangling off. The startling photo serves as an important reminder of what the potential outcome could be of just one small moment of panic or distraction while driving. This woman was lucky enough not only to survive the disastrous crash, but to have not sustained any more serious injuries.

The Cairo Police Department shared the photo on their Facebook page along with a warning to other drivers. They urged the public to pull off the road to a safe area and regain their composure if they ever face a situation like the one this woman found herself in. Losing your cool while behind the wheel poses a danger not only to yourself, but to the other drivers you are sharing the road with.

“We know that it is easier for some drivers than others but PLEASE, try to teach new drivers and yourselves to overcome the fear and pull over to a safe place. Lives depend on it.”

The police also thanked the fire department and ambulance service for their assistance at the scene.