Tom Sandoval Explains Why ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Needs James Kennedy, Is Tom Schwartz Holding A Grudge?

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Tom Sandoval is in James Kennedy’s corner.

While the majority of the Vanderpump Rules cast doesn’t get along with the DJ, Sandoval recently told Life & Style magazine that he has a soft spot for Kennedy and noted that he makes for great TV.

“I feel like he is important for the show,” he explained in an April 10 interview.

Throughout his time on Vanderpump Rules, Kennedy has gotten on the bad side of many cast members, including Tom Schwartz, Katie Maloney, Lala Kent, James Kennedy, Kristen Doute, and Brittany Cartwright. However, according to Sandoval, Kennedy actually has a really good side to him.

“Deep down, he’s got a good heart and I believe in him,” Sandoval said.

Although Kennedy has a good heart, at least according to Sandoval, he also has a bad side, which fans have seen on Vanderpump Rules, and often times, that bad side has gotten him in trouble. In fact, he’s been fired from SUR Restaurant on a number of occasions.

Most recently, Kennedy was fired by Lisa Vanderpump after taking aim at Maloney’s weight after seeing her in a pair of short shorts during Los Angeles’ pride festival last year. As Sandoval noted, Kennedy can be his own worst enemy at times and because of that, Sandoval feels like he needs to be a good friend to him.

“I feel like I have to be sometimes because everybody else is against him,” he said.

Sandoval’s girlfriend, Ariana Madix, has also offered support to Kennedy, as has Vanderpump Rules cast member Billie Lee.

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As for Tom Schwartz, he agreed with Sandoval and said that Kennedy is his own worst enemy. He also said Kennedy has made a habit of creating problems for himself and said he has a loose cannon for a mouth. Still, when it comes to their current relationship, Schwartz said he isn’t holding a grudge against Kennedy, who called him a “weasel” during Season 7, and told Life & Style magazine they are “OK.”

“I say the same thing when people ask me this every time with James. He just makes it so hard for me to be friends with him. He knows on some level I’m rooting for him,” Schwartz explained.

“He just really buries himself on a regular basis,” he added.

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