Paris Hilton Rocks White Lingerie On Instagram

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Paris is looking forward to Coachella Music Festival, and shared a new photo with the geo-tag on her Instagram. It showed her dressed in a white lingerie set, which consisted of a white bra with lace accents on the bottom, along with matching bottoms. She sported a pair of white sunglasses with reflective lenses. The reflection in her sunglasses were notably of palm trees, while the backdrop was a surreal combination of a pond, palm trees and a rainbow. The post was a video that showed a second rainbow shooting out from the left hand side to the right. Paris also had a furry jacket of some sort that fell down her arms onto her hands.

This is the second post in two days where she used the rainbow effect. In fact, she shared another surreal photo that showed her posing in a field with a unicorn. Paris wore a silver dress with a furry, white jacket. The visual effects included a rainbow, plus floating sparkles. The post was to promote a limited release of a perfume called Unicorn Mist, which was previously sold out. She made the announcement in honor of National Unicorn Day, which was yesterday, on April 9.

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Can’t wait for #Coachella ????????????????

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It’s not a huge surprise that Paris has an entrepreneurial spirit, considering that her great-grandfather founded the Hilton Hotel chain. Her business is based on fashion and fragrances. She previously opened up to Elle about her empire.

“I love [the fragrances] all so much because they all represent different parts of my life. It’s hard to choose just one. Right now Platinum Rush is my favorite because it’s the newest one. It’s so exotic and a really sexy scent.”

She also revealed that on the set of The Simple Life, “I wore my first fragrance, which is just called Paris Hilton and it’s the original one. I love that fragrance and it’s still one of our top sellers. It’s a really iconic one. That’s one of the ones that all my fans and people I meet will always bring up and are so happy we carry it.”

The original Paris Hilton perfume is available online through different outlets. For example, it costs about $22 for a 3.4 oz bottle on Amazon. It’s clearly a good product, with a high rating of 4.5 stars out of five on the website. The packaging naturally features a photo of Paris, showing her donning a flowing dress with a very low neckline along with high heels.