‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Eden McCoy Opens Up About Josslyn’s Emotional Storyline

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Actress Eden McCoy has been in the role of Josslyn Jacks for several years now and many General Hospital fans would say she has really come into her own in the past year or so. Joss has progressed from being a young tween brat to a passionate high schooler and she is facing heartbreak with the seemingly pending death of her teen love, Oscar Nero. Now McCoy is opening up about this heavy storyline and hints at what may be on the way.

McCoy chatted with ABC Soaps in Depth and noted how she has been in the middle of this really heavy storyline involving Oscar for the last six months or so. The General Hospital star admits that as she was first starting out on the show at the age of 12, she craved the chance to do emotional, juicy material. Now, she’s got it, and she is thrilled.

“It’s been challenging and dark, but I love doing the heavy stuff. You learn so much, and I’m grateful that the writers trusted me with this storyline. It’s touching so many people and so many lives. That’s what’s really special.”

The 15-year-old actress notes that she loves being in the midst of a teen-focused storyline. McCoy acted almost entirely with adults in her early days on General Hospital and she is very close with Laura Wright, who plays on-screen mom Carly Corinthos. That said, Eden explains, when she works with Garren Stitt (Oscar) and William Lipton (Cameron), things are lighter and fun and she’s clearly become especially close off-screen to Lipton.

“But there’s less pressure with the kids when we’re all together. We just feed off each other’s energies and abilities and try to do our best. It’s been refreshing.”

Eden references the tough storyline that Stitt has had to play, noting that “he’s doing his best to stay light when the cameras stop rolling.” That phrasing might seem to suggest that as of what the cast is currently filming, Oscar is still alive and fighting for survival. Fans might not want to read too much into that, since on-screen it would seem as if Oscar’s days away from dying, but fans aren’t giving up on him yet..

While the General Hospital actress is having a blast with this heavy storyline, she also admits that she’s fully drained once she gets home. The teen is carrying a full plate of obligations, since she also attends a prep school full-time and plays beach volleyball. In fact, she’s already scored a spot on the volleyball team at the University of Southern California.

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Eden McCoy says she loves this life she has chosen and she thinks it’s “freaking cool.” It sounds as if she’s thriving with the emotional material she’s been given to play and General Hospital spoilers suggest there are more heavy scenes on the way.

Fans are bracing themselves for Oscar’s death, even though General Hospital spoilers haven’t absolutely confirmed yet whether the teen will perish. Whether he does or not, viewers know that Eden McCoy will be throwing herself fully into the scenes she’s given as Josslyn Jacks and everybody might want to make sure they have tissues handy for what’s on the horizon.