Republican Senator Claims Hollywood Actors Are ‘Too Busy Molesting Each Other’

Drew AngererGetty Images

A Republican senator has recently gone on the record, claiming that Hollywood’s best and brightest are too busy to do their jobs because they’re spending their time sexually assaulting one another.

As reported by USA Today, Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy didn’t pull any punches when it came to discussing high-profile celebs and politicians who are guilty of harassing and silencing their victims.

“We have had far too many instances of sexual harassment,” Kennedy said while the Senate was in session earlier this week.

“We’ve seen it in Hollywood, repeatedly. I don’t know how the actors in Hollywood have time to make movies. They’re too busy molesting each other.”

“But it’s not just in Hollywood. It’s all across society. It’s in the halls of Congress. It’s in the halls of state government. It’s in the board room. It is all across America.”

John Kennedy, a junior Senator from Louisiana, took office back in 2017 after defeating Democratic candidate Foster Campbell in a runoff election. Kennedy, who received an endorsement from (at the time) President-elect Donald Trump, won by a 20 percent margin, racking up 536,191 votes compared to Campbell’s 347,816. Before he was elected senator, Kennedy served as the Louisiana state treasurer from 2000 to 2017, switching from the Democratic to the Republican party back in 2007.

As USA Today notes, Kennedy aims to introduce a new piece of legislation, titled the Stop Silencing Victims Act, which would address “the abuse of nondisclosure agreements across government.” If the law were to come into effect, it would prevent a state or federal government employee from mandating a non-disclosure agreement as part of a sexual harassment settlement, unless the victim was to explicitly request one. This would prevent predators from leveraging their victims’ pursuit of justice in order to ensure that their actions are kept secret.

“Victims are silenced so voters can’t find out about this disgusting behavior,” Kennedy explained earlier this week. He also thanked women for speaking out against their abusers, noting that they are “not always, but usually” the victims.

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, more than 100 actors, entertainers, and executives have seen the downfall of their (sometimes decades-long) careers. Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey, best known for his role as the ruthless Frank Underwood on Netflix’s House of Cards, has virtually disappeared from the public spotlight. Legendary film producer Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual abuse by over 80 women — as a result, Weinstein was dismissed from his own company and was booted from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.