Kanye West’s MAGA Hat Caused Big Problems For His And Kim Kardashian’s Marriage

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

In the past, songwriter and rapper Kanye West has come under fire for his criticisms of former President George W. Bush, his opinions on actor and comedian Bill Cosby (who is now serving a prison sentence for multiple counts of aggravated indecent assault), and of course, his upstaging of Taylor Swift during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. While Kanye has consistently generated controversy based on his interactions with or his rants about other celebs, recently, his attention has turned towards politics, and it seems his relationship with wife Kim Kardashian has suffered as a result.

As reported by Cosmopolitan (per an interview with Vogue), Kanye’s penchant for wearing his MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat in public caused a major issue in their marriage. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kanye and Donald Trump met at the Oval Office late last year, and Kanye wore his MAGA hat for his entire visit. During said visit, the rapper made some rather odd statements, and around that time, he took to Twitter to post some rather odd statements regarding slavery and the 13th Amendment. This is not to be confused with other slavery-related comments Kanye made in early 2018, where he claimed that slavery was “a choice.”

Recently, Kim revealed that some of her husband’s political leanings and opinions have caused friction between the two, though she did note that Kanye technically isn’t a member of one political party in particular. That being said, it seems Kanye’s MAGA hat has been a source of contention.

“The one thing that I respect so much is that he is who he is, no matter what anyone tries to tell him to do,” Kim explained. “I can be sitting there crying: OH, MY GOD! TAKE OFF THE RED HAT! Because he really is the sweetest person with the biggest heart.”

“I stopped caring though. Because I used to care so much. I was making it such an issue in our relationship. And in my life. It gave me so much anxiety.”

Still, it seems like things have begun to calm down as of late. As Cosmopolitan points out, Kanye was diagnosed with bipolar disorder last year, though that hasn’t stopped some of Kim’s detractors from blaming her for Kanye’s episodes and outbursts. Needless to say, she doesn’t agree with their sentiments.

“Like it’s my fault if he does or says something that they don’t agree with?” Kim explained.