Zoe Gregory Shares Sultry Bikini Snap, Says Jennifer Lopez Comments About Fiance Alex Rodriguez ‘Pain’ Her

Zoe GregoryInstagram

Jennifer Lopez is standing by her man Alex Rodriguez despite allegations he has cheated on her, and one of the women who has made those allegations is sharing her thoughts. Zoe Gregory, a British fitness model who has also done some work in the adult film industry, took to her Instagram page to comment after JLo’s latest interview.

As The Inquisitr shared earlier, Lopez is pushing back against claims that former baseball star Jose Canseco made a few weeks ago. Canseco said that Rodriguez had been having a fling with his ex-wife Jessica, but JLo says she knows the truth, knows who A-Rod is, and is just happy.

While Lopez dismissed the claims regarding Canseco, those aren’t the only allegations that have been made. The Inquisitr detailed a couple of weeks ago that Gregory also came out shortly after Rodriguez’s proposal and said she had been getting intimate photos and messages from the former baseball player.

While Lopez and Rodriguez might be doing their best to ignore Gregory’s allegations, she has referenced them more than once via her own Instagram page. After JLo’s latest comments, Zoe seemingly couldn’t help but highlight them via her Instagram Stories.

Gregory shared a short video clip showing her flaunting her fit figure while wearing a grey sports bra and pink panties. Then, she shared a screenshot from The Daily Mail that referenced Lopez’s interview on The Breakfast Club with Charlamagne Tha God where she dismissed the cheating allegations.

Zoe posted a screenshot of some of Jennifer’s comments and said it pains her to hear this. She added that it pains her because she believes that Lopez doesn’t really know who Rodriguez is.

The British fitness model also posted a sexy bikini shot to her Instagram page on Wednesday. The tag on the post noted that it had been taken in the Fiji Islands and the shot is a sultry one that shows Gregory flaunting her insane abs, cleavage, and athletic physique while wearing a revealing animal-print bikini.

Quite a few of Gregory’s followers showed their love for this stunning shot, with one noting it was now his new computer wallpaper. Numerous others noted that Zoe looked beautiful, smoking, or was a queen.

Zoe Gregory is still piping up here and there with some comments about Jennifer Lopez and she doesn’t seem to be backing away from her allegations about Alex Rodriguez. Despite that, it would appear that JLo and A-Rod are doing their best to ignore these rumors, allegations, and comments and focus on their engagement.